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Relying on yourself|Why you should have faith in your own abilities

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  When you BELIEVE you gain power, you gain power in your own abilities and gain the power to unleash massive amounts of action regardless what others say or think about you. You don’t see failure as something bad but … Continued

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Our Mind, The Wonderful Mystery| A Mental Exercise

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Our Mind, The Wonderful Mystery Do you ever why you do things you do? Why is it that all of us do certain things we know are wrong, but continue to do so? We could get into all kinds of … Continued

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8 Traits That Make A Person Successful : Traits That Make A Person Successful.

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    Throughout our recent research, we have found some similar traits that make a person successful.  Although there are many more factors that go into this, these are 8 we find are beneficial in starting your journey to success. … Continued

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The Choice To Change| A lesson learned from “Gin Rin No Sho-A Book Of 5 Rings”

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    Distractions are around us all of the time, but they seem most prevalent  when we are about to embark on something important. All of you know exactly what I mean by this. Concentrating can be a task all in … Continued

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Are Most Of Us Afraid Of Success?

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    Sometime ago I was introduced to an exercise that gave you an idea where anyone taking the test would be at 5-20 years down the road. Usually when people give me these kind of tests I don't take … Continued

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