Since the 1950s, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our world. Only a fraction of these have been tested. We are, conducting a massive clinical test trial, and our children and their children are the ones experimented on, like they do to animals.
Do you know what I found out? That everything we apply to our skins is absorbed into our blood stream within 26 seconds. What made that worse, is to find out all of my personal care products had toxic chemicals in them. Notice how I mentioned HAD. I switched to the most reasonable solution, personal care products without any dangerous chemicals. Simple.

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“What toxic chemicals?” you may be thinking. If you are not wondering, then maybe you should start. Our bodies are what we need to keep going, period. Take care of your bodies, it is the only place you have to live! Do not ruin your health by shoving toxic chemicals into your blood stream. Make the switch.

Toxic chemicals in some personal care products include:

1.)Butylated Hydroxytoluene
Butylated Hydroxytoluene is found in a variety of cosmetics and personal care products. It is an antioxidant which helps slow the rate at which a product changes color over time. Hazards: Butylated hydroxytoluene may cause skin and eye irritation.

This is a contaminant that may be associated with sodium laureth sulfate, PEG, and most ethoxylated ingredients with names ending in -eth. These ingredients are found in many products, most notably shampoos and body washes. 1,4 dioxane is known to cause cancer in animals and has a high probability of carcinogenicity in humans.

Lead typically occurs as a contaminant, such as in hydrated silica, an ingredient in toothpaste. Lead acetate is added as an ingredient in some lipsticks and men’s hair dye. Hazards: Lead is a neurotoxin. It can cause brain damage and developmental delays even at extremely low concentrations.

The FDA permits the use of mercury compounds in eye makeup at concentrations up to 65 parts per million. The preservative thimerosol, found in some mascaras, is a mercury-containing product. Hazards: Mercury is associated with a host of health concerns including allergic reactions, skin irritation, toxicity, neurological damage, bioacculumation, and environmental damage. Mercury readily passes into the body through the skin, so normal use of the product results in exposure.

Toluene is found in nail polish and hair dye as a solvent, to improve adhesion, and to add gloss.Hazard: Toluene is toxic. It is associated with reproductive and developmental damage. Toluene may be carcinogenic. In addition to decreasing fertility, toluene may cause liver and kidney damage.

Now, that is only a FEW of the toxic chemicals in some of the normal personal care products sold today. That is INSANE to me!

Now, if you have pets and love them like family, you have to think of them as well! Above is a great place to go for all natural pet supplies. Some of us LOVE their pets like close family, they are also affected greatly by toxic chemicals. Don’t forget about them! Treat them right, they love you. 🙂

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