Herbs to Naturally Boost Weight Loss, Muscle Size, and Strength | Ginkgo Biloba – Ashwagandha- Citrus Aurantium

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Can Herbs Really Help Me Out With My Fitness Efforts?


If your into the workout scene, you've probably been bombarded with numerous  types of advertisements for weight loss and muscle building products. Now while I personally believe most of these “conventional” products, that are formulated for success are actually a waste of money.  For every bunch of crap products there are a few good ones, but the problem lies in the ingredients.  


Have you ever really  looked at the ingredients that some of these products have in them?


Do you even know what some of these ingredients even are, or the effects they can produce on the body?


Not many of us really know what they are, we just follow the advice of some store clerk, friend, or trainer. 9 times out of 10 the people who tell us to purchase these products have no clue what’s inside of them as well.  


For those of you who  want to go a different route, here are 3 herbs that you can utilize within your training regimens. I will briefly outline what they are and what are some of the benefits. My hope is that you find some use in this information, and maybe look towards herbs to replace some of the substances you're currently taking.




1.  Ashwagandha:


Ayurveda  considers this herb to be the Indian Ginseng, its an adaptogen that helps facilitate  improved learning and memory function.  Studies have shown that Ashwagandha has an anabolic type effect. It can help to increase strength, size and stamina.  It has also been shown to help improve circulation and blood plasma levels.  


Ashwagandha is also effective to help you get better sleep, it actually helps your sleep cycles and helps to facilitate proper growth within your muscles while you're sleeping. It also helps with protein synthesis, meaning when you supplement with protein Ashwagandha will help make it even more effective. Not only is it good for this, it’s also good for Arthritis, certain forms of Cancer, Diabetes, Degenerative disease and much more!

2.Citrus Aurantium:


Otherwise known as the  Seville orange, Citrus Aurantium  comes from a small citrus tree. Citrus Aurantium has actually been taking over as safer alternative to Ephedrine


products. Citru A is loaded with synephrine, which is known as the chemical cousin too ephedrine. The only difference is that this substance has been proven to be much safer and in many cases more effective than ephedrine products. When taken it causes thermogenic like effects, that help to stimulate fat loss.


When taken prior to working out, it helps to increase blood flow and helps you to burn fat more consistently than without it. Although some say there is not enough scientific evidence supporting any of these claims, I still recommend it. I have taken products with both ingredients in the past, and I have had more success with Citrus Aurantium than I have had with Ephedrine. It doesn’t give you the shakes nor do you get the crash that other products give you.




Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest herbs we still utilize to this day. The he rb comes from the Ginkgo Tree which its roots have been  traced too 150-200 million years ago. The Chinese were believed to be the first to utilize this herb, then the Europeans and it eventually spread elsewhere.  Ginkgo is commonly used to treat Asthma, help improve memory functions, promote proper health and longevity.


Ginkgo is great for those of you who are very active, and has amazing antioxidant properties. Many people believe Ginkgo is just for general health, but many studies have found quite the contrary. Some studies have shown that Ginkgo has an anabolic type effect when supplemented with while working out. What studies have found is that when you supplement with Ginko, it not only helps to burn the fat around your surrounding muscles much quicker, but helps to promote new muscle growth 3 times faster. Not everyone has had the same effect, but many whom have supplemented with it while working out say its an amazing herb.  Research has shown that this is NOT a steroid like effect, and that you have too supplement with it for awhile too see its effects. But with due time, you will see a positive effect within your fitness gains.



Although all the herbs stated above are all natural, you use them in moderation, just like anything else. Taking too much or not taking the right dosage can also be dangerous. Are they safer than most  if not all man made chemical created substances? Yes, but you still have to practice caution while you supplement with them. If you have a history of allergies or are currently taking other medications, seek the advice of a medical professional before you start supplementing with them, too see if they may or may not conflict with your current medications.


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