The Choice To Change| A lesson learned from “Gin Rin No Sho-A Book Of 5 Rings”

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Distractions are around us all of the time, but they seem most prevalent  when we are about to embark on something important. All of you know exactly what I mean by this. Concentrating can be a task all in itself when distractions are constantly surrounding us.

So how do we combat the problem that plagues us all?

How do we get things done, when it seems like we have no time to get them done?

How do we deem something to be important too the point that we MUST finish it before anything else?

Good question!

The first thing we have too look at is the concept of time. We believe time is on our side, yet when something crazy happens, we look at time in a whole new perspective. We embrace the moments we have with our loved ones just a little bit more. Then eventually as time fades away ,we gradually go  back into our monotonous states.

We slip back into our lazy habits, and allow distractions too once take over our lives once again. We are engulfed with trivial and meaningless problems, like getting too a meeting on time, or worrying about angering someone over something small.

So how do we effectively prioritize our time and avoid distractions?

First we have to realize the importance of time, and how precious it really is. Some years back a friend of mine suggest a book too read. The book was A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi”. At first glance I was a bit skeptical, I knew the book was about being a swordsman. The book was full of insight into  strategy, performance, and combat. Honestly, I have never picked up a sword in my life, so what in hell would a book about swordfighting do for me? It ended up being one of those catalyst for change type books220px-Musashi_ts_pic, a real game changer.

The thing that stood out the most, was the idea of “ a resolute acceptance for death”. Most of us grin and turn away at that concept, yet it awaits us all. By embracing the idea of it all, it can help us to learn to become completely focused on our tasks at hand. Musashi makes it evident to his students that when fighting, one should consider himself already dead.

The idea is that if you're already know you are going to die, and too fully accept it. With this in mind, why not try everything under the sun to destroy your opponent. Thus creating the want and need to survive. The ultimate goal is thus to find a way to survive as long as possible.  

Therefore this creates a laser like focus, and there is no fear, because you already know what the eventual outcome is going to be. This is why goals should be concrete and on point, because we don’t get second chances, we only have one shot too make it right. By ultimately grasping this concept, distractions become unimportant, and the only thing in your sight is the finish line.

When you erase fear, the world becomes more of an inviting place. You become one with yourself, and you become a person of vision, a person moving towards goals. Distractions, procrastination and all those negative terms become non existent.

The point i’m trying too make is this, you have to find your catalyst, your purpose. The distractions around you are always going to be there. The more fear of change, failure, and being accepted you have, the more likely you are going too fail. musashilg

This is why you must have solid goals, the better the goals, the better the vision to see the finish line.  We must all understand that we are in a constant war, a constant battle with ourselves. Only we can make the decision to move forward towards our goals, and ultimately accept change.

Or not accept it, and have change happen us too us whether we like it or not. When you accept it and get rid of the distractions and work towards your goal, you become stronger as a person. When you find yourself slipping away from your goals or dreams, sit back and think the concept of time, and how short our lives really are. Maybe then you'll find a way to muster up the courage to charge ahead in the battle field of life.




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