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  Aloe Vera Natures Wonder


 For centuries Aloe Vera has been used for its amazing healing properties. Aloe Vera comes from Northern Africa and was first used around the first century AD. It faded into obscurity through the ages and has come back as something “new” in our times. The healing properties have been passed through different cultures and regions throughout the world. Today you can find Aloe Vera growing in warm places as it was passed around through different people and groups through time. Aloe is grown in warm areas, and can be damaged very easily. The root of the plant does not have to be tampered with in order to be destroyed like other plants of similar nature.



When I say some of the health benefits, it’s exactly what I mean. The benefits range too far and wide to touch base in one blog. So I will touch base on at least  8 benefits of using this wonderful plant. aloe-vera-plants


Aloe Vera's Cancer Benefits

Aloe Vera has very strong immunity benefits, it has been found to have properties that can shrink the size of cancerous tumors as well as destroying them altogether in some cases. The basis for this comes from the fact that it produces large doses of Nitric Oxides which benefits in the reduction of the cancerous tumors.


Aloe Vera and Diabetes

In recent studies it has been shown that people who supplemented with Aloe  for at least 3 months have experienced a significant drop in blood sugar levels. It has also been shown that the Aloe Vera can consistently stabilize  sugar levels and decrease the severe drops and gains within sugar levels that diabetics frequently have. It has also been shown that by supplementing with Aloe Vera it can also take away the numbness in hands and feet that some diabetics suffer.


Aloe Vera lowers cholesterol

Another great thing about supplementing with Aloe Vera is that it helps lower blood levels and triglycerides. It helps to keep your body in balance and benefits your heart by clearing blocked arteries and maintaining your total health. By supplementing this with blueberry extract, it’s an excellent way to keep your cholesterol in check.


Aloe Vera the Natural Food Preservative

Forget all the crap chemicals Monsanto is creating too so called preserve food. It has been scientifically found that Aloe V. has highly effective food preservative qualities. In an experiment in a university in Spain, it was found that grapes go bad in about 7 days without any preservatives. But covered with a small coating of Aloe V. the same types of grapes were preserved for over 35 days! Why use harmful chemicals and nonsense when we can use an all natural form of preservation. Hopefully someday we will see this being used on a grander scale!

Aloe Vera ends acid reflux disease

It has been shown that those people with acid reflux disease that are seeking an alternative to all the harmful drugs can find some all natural relief. When supplementing with Aloe Vera juice, the symptoms are drastically reduced and with time can actually prevent the symptoms from coming back. This is  great for those of you whom suffer from acid reflux.


Aloe Vera cures gum disease

Everyone knows about the wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera for skin ailments. But did you know that Aloe Vera is excellent for curing gum disease and other gum related ailments. It not only is a powerful antiseptic, but it has properties that actually strengthen your gums. All you have to do is sprinkle a bit on your toothbrush and gently apply to your gums and teeth.


Aloe Vera And Heart Attack  and Strokes

It has been shown that eating Aloe Vera on a regular basis can help your blood flow. By doing so it decreases blood clots and clumping, the major cause for blockages that create heart attacks and strokes. The major reason that these blockages occur, is because of the foods we eat. High starchy foods, fried and processed foods create blockages that will eventually kill us. By supplementing with Aloe Vera these blockages are stopped creating proper blood flow. Does that mean we should continue eating the crap that makes us sick? NO, of course not, it means that we should eat better and supplement with it too live a longer and healthier life!



Aloe Veras Amazing Antioxidant Properties

Aloe Vera is loaded with  Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid and Niacin. making it a great pick me up for the start of your day. If you worried about getting sick, then supplement with Aloe Vera too give your immunity a boost. It has helps with free radicals and has amazing antioxidant properties to keep you healthy and refreshed throughout the day.


How to use Aloe Vera and where to buy it at

THere are numerous ways to use Aloe Vera. Depending on your situation, you have to do some research on what ailment you have and how you need to use it. For example, if you have a skin problem, get Aloe Vera that you can apply to your skin. You can find it in just about any store possible. But the problem is that some of the cheaper Aloe Vera products aren’t near as potent as the pure form ones. If you want to get a good supplement, it may cost you a few dollars more. Sometimes going cheaper isn’t the wisest choice, so be mindful of this when purchasing Aloe Vera. The best places to pick it up is through reputable websites and or farms markets and places of that nature. Picking it up at a local dollar store probably won’t be your best bet if you want to see some great results.

You can drink Aloe straight which is a bit hard to do because of its taste. I recommend getting it and putting it in a fruit juice or mixing it with a smoothie. You can get the plant and blend it and drink it, or you can get the juice. There many topical solutions that aloe vera comes in, and you can also get pure Aloe Vera oil as well. Remember do your research on what ailment you want to alleviate or eliminate before you purchase it. That way you will have the maximum effect on the problem you are trying to solve!



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