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Despite efforts to create new drugs and ways to handle depression and anxiety, it still seems as if the problem keeps getting worse. On top of the fact that these drugs and remedies can cause an array of different problems, drugs are still being pushed out towards the general public at a rapid pace.


Well let me ask you this, If you watch television, you’ve probably seen one those prescription drug commercials. The kind of commercial the gives you an alternative to a problem that some find unsolvable in many ways.  They start off with some person walking around in pain or 1376212353fgsn4grief, and then a few minutes later they show them taking the medication. They switch the scene around to the person having fun and smiling and laughing.

But then something happens…..

They start to give you SOME of the interactions and possible implications of what COULD happen if you take that medication. After what seems like forever, they end the commercial on a positive note. But then the commercial is a lawyer talking about if you’ve been wronged by taking some medication to call their law offices, because you may be entitled to money.


Now do you think that’s going to make me WANT to buy into that solution? Do you think I really want to chance killing myself in an attempt to better the problem?


But that’s the thing; a lot of us feel like they’re all out of options and have no other way to cope with their condition. This commercial’s give you a sense of it’s either this way or no other alternative, and the problem because it simply isn’t the truth! 

So how we can cope with anxiety and depression naturally?

Let me first off start by saying that I use to suffer from depression and still suffer every now and them from anxiety. Taking these drugs were never an option for me, so I had to find alternative solutions. These are very serious problems that if you don’t treat can have some severe consequences. Some of these drugs can make your problem even worse. I had a few doctors tell me that they may even excel  the problem even more, but that there’s only a small chance that may happen.


What’s an all-natural or alternative solution for depression and anxiety?

Well there’s many ways to help cope with the depression and anxiety, and today I will go through a few all natural ways, as well as give you a few herbs that can help you out.

All natural ways to cope with depression and anxiety


Breathing techniques

A great way to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety is to practice proper breathing techniques. Do these for like 10 to 15 minutes every few hours during the day, or do them when you get really stressed out. The main one that I do is one technique that I like to call the 4 second 139456766727rmwpyramid. You breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it in for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 4 out of your mouth. While you’re doing this visualize happy things, once you complete the exercise you’ll notice that you will feel better.  This isn’t a quick fix, you have to take some time and actually practice it. Do it when you’re not depressed and get into a rhythm with it. What you’ll begin to notice is that when you start to do this, and do it right you’ll feel differently. So that way when you need it most you know it will work.



Another great way to cope with stress and anxiety is to get some good exercise in. This is actually one of the reasons I started to work out in the first place. When I get stressed I simply go for a bike ride or a good run and think of solutions to my problems. Other times when I’m really depressed or stressed out I go to the gym and get in an awesome workout session.

Don’t go overboard if you’re not used to working out. Just simply do what you can with what you have. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment or crazy training to get the benefits of this. Just get your heart rate up and get your mind off of things. This will help you out, just take baby steps and implement a good workout plan.


You’ve all probably heard the song by the artist named Pharrell called Happy, and if you haven’t you need too. Every time I hear this song, it doesn’t matter how sad or down or anxiety filled I am, I feel better once the song is over. Music is a very POWERRFUL tool to help you get over these problems, be sure to listen to POSITIVE uplifting music, rather than listening to something that’s going to keep you mad.

These are just a few all natural ways to get some good depression and anxiety relief without having to take harmful drugs.

While some of these can REALLY help you out, some of you more than others, what you have to understand is this.


Some of these will help you out a little bit right off the bat, but you have to continually use them and find ways in which to use them. What I mean by that is that you have to test different things and see what way is what works best for you.

Here are a few herbs that can  help with anxiety and depression.

1. Kava

This herb has been used to help promote a balanced state of mental and physical wellness. Kava helps to promote it by stabilizing the neurotransmitters and helps to reduce muscle tension because of the active phytochemicals called kava lactones.

2. Korean Ginseng

 This herb has been utilized for centuries in Korea, China, and Japan. It helps to support mental and physical performance. It has a strong adaptogenic presence, in other words it helps you to adapt to the impact of stress within he body. You can get this in pill form, but if you’re taking any other doctor prescribed meds, be sure to follow up and see if it’s ok to take it with them.

3. Valerian Root

This herb is awesome for anxiety problems, and works to help calm down the nerves. This herb has been known to be very safe and effective in most people who take it for anxiety and depression. For those of you who are scared and not sure what to take, this would be something great to start with!

These are just a few herbs that you can take, but these are the ones that helped me out the most. Be sure to follow up with your doctor before you end up taking anything. Make sure that if you’re taking something at the moment, that it won’t have a counter effect on it.

Are there any other options?

There are a bunch of other options, many which I haven’t explored or experienced. But I have checked out a few self-help systems that actually have some good information and offer some good advice. There are many of them on the market, and some of them are useless but others can help out. Here are 2 that I have found offer some great help for those of you who are interested.



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