How Negative Motivation Can Help Us To Succeed

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 Negative Motivation Can Help Us To Succeed

Motivation is something that all of us look for, we look high, we look low, we look far and wide.  But the problem is that most of the things that help to motivate us are what I like to call PARTIAL MOTIVATORS.  These are things that we look towards to help to motivate us. They work for a little while and then we have to go back to them or something similar to get motivated again. Sometimes these sources motivate us and depending on our moods or how down and depressed we actually are, they end up not helping us at all.


I don’t really have to explain this since all of us have had this happened to us from time to time. It’s almost like some of the things that give us motivation end up falling off after a while. We don’t get that same feeling like we used to. We don’t get eye of the tiger or that blistering inclination that we can do something, that we are possible.

We just fall flat……

Then what?

Depending on who you are, most of the time we just give in and let it go for a while. Sometimes we let it go for so long that we never pick it back up.  We just fall off into obscurity and so does whatever it is that we were trying to do or accomplish.

So much for the motivational stuff, huh….

So what now? AHHHHH, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!




What? How can negativity be the answer when we’re looking for a solution to stay motivated? Well the answer is simple, what I’ve find is nothing gets me moving towards something more than a  something that pisses me off. I found this to have worked with weight loss.

Some years ago I was overweight but I didn’t know how overweight I really was until I went to an alumni basketball game. I was only 28 and I felt pretty good, but then before the game started someone made the comment that they needed to guard the FAT GUY.

The fat guy? I wonder who that guy was…. Yup, I was the fat guy and I proved it very well after a few trips up and down the court. After that some of my friends who had come to the game to watch me were making fun of me. I laughed along with everyone, but deep inside I was pissed off beyond belief. I Insearch4success.comcouldn’t believe what I had become and how far I had really let myself go. I was at the end of the line, it was either do something about this now or forever remain the fat guy, the guy who used to be in shape.


This was the FIRST time I used negativity to help transform me into a new me. Before this I was going to the gym and quitting after 2 weeks and recycling the process over and over.  But once I took in what everyone said and actually wrote it down and focused on it, I never looked towards any other type of motivation ever again. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to watch motivational videos and look at inspiring pics and what not, but I don’t need them to feel motivated is what I’m trying to get that.

I get that fire from focusing on the things people say about me, the things that really bother me. There’s always 2 choInsearch4success.comices in life that  we can focus on, the choice to do this or that. We have the power to choose whether we sink or swim, if we don’t want to sink we learn how to swim, and if we don’t learn how to swim?



So how do you start off using it without letting it bother you to the point you want to quit? Well like I said before, you have 2 choices and you know the outcomes of both before you even choose. Is it in you to do something about those statements and change before it’s too late, or will you just fall of forever?


The first thing you want to do is figure out something you want to change, let’s use weight loss as an example. Let’s say you’ve been struggling with weight loss for a long time and don’t know what to do. Well think of the last 3 times someone has said something really hurtful about your weight. If you say you can’t think of anything you’re lying to yourself.

Now write down those 3 things and then under them write down 3 things you’re going to do to CHANGE those statemeInsearch4success.comnts. I like to call these our action statements, the fuel that will lift us up and get us going. Now what you want to do is focus on these and focus on what you’re going to do, those statements should piss you off.

Now get some small cards and write the same things on them, also put your action statements and then put them in places you will see them. Put one on your bathroom mirror, one on your fridge, one in your car, one by your work desk and so on. Anywhere you’re going to see it on a regular basis.

WAAALAAAA….. There you go, now you won’t ever run out of the fuel  to change. Now you’re able to change a negative into positive action. The rest is up to you, but if you need help be sure to subscribe or leave a comment and I will be able to help you out if you need it.


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