The Wonderful Benefits Of Basil | Basil Benefits And Uses

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Basil The “Royal” Herb


I don’t know about you, but when I use too think about Basil, I thought about it as something that just seasoned my Basil
food. I didn’t know any of the wonderful medicinal purposes it served for.


Did you know that "basil" comes from the ancient Greek word basilikohn, meaning "royal", it was used primarily by Kings, Queens and other nobility. They not only used it in flavoring their foods, but they used it for its healing properties. This herb has been used for over 5,000 years and was first cultivated in Asia and India.


Cancer Prevention Benefits of Basil

Who would have thought that Basil has powerful antioxidant properties, but it does! As many of you know antioxidants protect the body against free radicals, therefore combating against most forms of cancer. Basil has other antioxidant properties that make it a super fighting force against harmful free radicals!



Basil and Skin and Health Care

Basil has been known to effectively treat psoriasis and dry skin. It has amazing moisturizing and antibacterial properties that help those of you whom suffer from these types of ailments.  It has also been shown that it helps acne and scaring.

Basils Antibacterial properties

Basil has been shown to have great antibacterial properties. Researchers have recommended that you use it to wash produce; you can mix a solution in water with a bit of vinegar to help wash away bacteria and harmful chemicals. You can also add a couple drops to a shake or smoothie to help get rid of harmful bacteria in your body. It will help you to strengthen your immunity against harmful bacteria that cause cold and flus.


Basils Cardiovascular Benefits

Basil has a great source of magnesium, this helps promote proper cardiovascular health by relaxing the

muscles and blood vessels. By doing so it helps promote for better oxygen intake, therefore increasing  Your cardiovascular health. This is great for those of you who are athletes or do a lot of walking and moving around daily.


Basil and Digestive Tract Health

Basil has something called Eugenol which has an enzyme-inhibiting effect. It acts as anti-inflammatory benefiting things like bowel inflammation and other stomach ailments. Basil is known for treating constipation, cramps, gas and indigestion.


Different Ways To Use Basil

  1. Cooking With Basil– Basil can be added to any dish too add some extra flavor as well as to get positive medicinal benefits. You can pick it up at any grocery store, or if you want a more potent form, go to your local farms market or health food store.

  2. Boiling Basil Leafs– By boiling them you can add it to a tea and drink it. You can also chill it, add some ice and take it on the go with you.

  3. Chewing Basil Leafs– You can chew them too help with coughing or mouth pain. The antibacterial properties help relief gum and tooth pain

  4.  Basil For Breathing– You can boil the leaves and create a stream in which you can breath in. You can boil them in a pot and then take a towel and place it over your head. Add some vicks for extra soothing, Basil is great for cold and flu relief.


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