The Wonderful Benefits of the Lemon | Why You Should Supplement With Lemons

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Lemons have been around for several thousands of years. In ancient Egypt it was 0722131729believed that the juice of a lemon had the power to help aid against  poisons. They also believed it helped to relieve stress, promote balance, and help with concentration. Until recent times this belief wasn't based on scientific research, then found indeed to be fact by modern studies.


There are many ways people love to utilize lemons, but one of the most popular way is too ingest the juice by mixing it with water. All you have to do is squeeze a half a lemon in a cup of water and mix it around, then proceed to drink it. If it tastes too bitter, try adding some more water and a bit of honey too calm the taste down.



Lemon and Weight Loss


Why drink lemon water?



Yes, some of you have probably heard, but drinking lemon water can actually help you too lose some weight. Lemons are full of Pectin fiber, Pectin actually helps your body regulate hunger levels, making you eat less frequently. lemons are part of the popular Alkaline diet, which is ingesting enough acidic foods to help regulate proper digestion levels.


Some have had awesome results with this type of diet, and lemons play a good role in this diet. You can also just ingest lemon juice 3 times a day  after a meal to help kick in your weight loss efforts.



Lemon balances Ph Levels


This ties into the weight loss I previously spoke about. The lemon juice acidic levels help too create balance within our Ph Levels. Why would this matter? Well for one, if your PH levels are off, chances are you're going to get sick much easier.


By ingesting lemon juice, it helps to promote positive balance within the body. It helps your body to fight against disease, fatigue, and even soreness. Lemons are actually know too be one of the most alkaline enriched foods out there. So not only will it help you spark some good weight loss, but it can also do your body good by helping to keep it in balance.


Lemon is an awesome Source of Vitamin C

  Lemons are excellent for the body, and can help to promote awesome immunity benefits. When your body is low on C, it has a hard time repairing and fighting off disease, making your body an easy target for various common ailments. So by ingesting Lemon juice, you're not only helping the other ailments I spoke about, but it can also help to keep you disease free.


Lemon and Digestion


No one likes when they have a clogged digestive tract. The body cannot function properly when this happens. It leads to an array of other problems and complications if left alone for too long.


Now since lemons are great at balancing PH levels and great for weight loss, adding an abundance of Vitamin C too it makes Lemons very sought after. As most of you know, Vitamin C Lemon juice works to eliminate this problem, by helping your body digest foods properly.



Other Benefits of Lemon

Lemon as an acne fighter


The alkaline in the lemon has been known to kill bacteria that causes acne. Lemons lemonare full of Vitamin C, which helps you to rejuvenate health skin. There are a few ways to go about utilizing lemon for acne.


You can cut the lemon in half and squeeze some of the juice on a cotton ball. Then dab the cotton ball on the affected area. It may burn a little bit, but the pain will subside pretty quick. The next morning wash your face as you would normally do.



Lemon and eczema relief


up at reputable location, like a health food or organic shop. Drop 8-10 drops into around 8 ounces of water. Warm the water a bit in a pot, then add a tbsp of honey. The honey will help to relieve the pain and discomfort, as well as help clear up the affected area quicker.


Then take a sponge or cloth and soak it in the solution. Squeeze the sponge or cloth out so it won’t get everything wet. Put the cloth on the affected area for at least 10 min. The pain should subside after sometime. Use as needed, but if the pain becomes worse, then you should seek the attention of a medical professional.


Lemon and anxiety


Lemons can actually help relieve and control anxiety problems. The smell of a lemon can help put your body into a balanced, centered state. All you have to do is pick up some Lemon balm oil.


Be sure to pick it up at a health food store,or a reputable source online. Many major convenience chains have picked up on this benefit and have stocked their shelves with similar substances. The problem is that these are not always natural, and they can do more harm than good.  


Once you have the oil  you can do 1 of 2 things. If you're going into a situation that you know is going to spark some anxiety, get a tissue or a cotton ball and soak it with the oil and place it in a small plastic bag. Before you go proceed to go into wherever your anxiety is about to go off, take the tissue or cotton ball out and smell it. At the same time visualize peace and tranquility and focus on your breathing.


You can also take some of the oil and put it in a humidifier or air purifier. The oil will radiate through the house leaving everyone who smells it in a calm state. This is a great  way to relieve tension in a high tension area without anyone even noticing.

Lemons are excellent at helping to kill surface bacteria, and can help to eliminate painful itching and discomfort caused by Eczema. The Alkaline substance helps to destroy harmful bacteria, all while the vitamin c works to help repair the affected area.

Great Video I found on youtube, check it out for  some additional information on the wonderful LEMON!

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