A Few Simple Ways To Get Rid Of The Jerks And Junk In Your Life!

A Few Simple Ways To Get Rid Of The Jerks And Junk In Your Life!

How To Improve Your Life 

If there’s one thing in life that we ALL have in common it’s the fact that we get beat down every single stinking day. Maybe not physically, well I hope not physically, but we do mentally. It causes major wear and tear on our bodies and minds; we end up becoming as bitter and hateful as those who do it to us.

Then we repeat the cycle and end up throwing the same nonsense that gets thrown at us, sometimes at people that don’t even deserve it. Some of us really don’t know HOW to handle stress and anxiety, and even the best of us get caught up in the moment.

Why is this?




I heard somewhere that the smaller your circle is, the less stress and problems you’re going to face. While this can be true, if you have to deal with others you’re always going to have some kind of problem.

Life shouldn’t be about avoiding others; it should be about embracing others and find the GOOD inside of others and learning from them and sharing your own learning lessons.

This life is about learning, because at the end of the day it’s not about how many toys you have, it’s about what you’ve learned.

We don’t take anything to the next life with us, we all come and go the same, no matter how rich or powerful you are, we all come and go the same way. The problem is how do we learn to actually embrace people when we feel like we’ve been torn apart by so many people.

Well that’s not an easy answer….

But what I can say is this, you are the master of your own destiny, if people are constantly throwing you down and slamming you, than the problem is that you’re allowing it to happen.

Don’t think I’m being harsh with you right now, I’m just telling you the truth, this is a truth that I have to remind myself on a regular basis as well.







People are always going to TRY to bring you down, the saying MISERY LOVES COMPANY is the TRUTH, and people are just going to stop being mean.

It’s just the nature of things and the way things go, you have to be the bigger person and realize this. The problem that we all face isn’t going to go away unless WE stand up and take responsibility of our own problems and self.

Until that happens the cycle will never diminish and it’s just going to get worse. Why do you think there are so many people on some many medications for depression? Why do you think people eventually snap and do terrible things, it’s because the horrible cycle is just getting worse.

Each one of us allow it to get worse because we feel like by pushing out the same type of aggression, that it’s going to make things better for us. If we can’t feel happiness by spreading joy, we feel as if spreading anger and disappear will give us a sense of calm.


Stop doing that, stop letting them get to you, stop it right now!

You have the choice to change if you want, you also have the choice to remain the same and stay the bitter person that you’ve become.

This kind of attitude doesn’t do anything good at all for anyone anywhere. It brings productivity down, it brings your energy down, it brings your motivation down, and so on.

Now is the time to START CHANGING, not just for you but for those around you, especially for your children. They are the future and they will turn into us if we’re not careful, so lead by example.


So how do we do this or even start to do this?

Well what I did was make a list of the things that pissed me off, I took out a piece of paper and wrote 10 things that really ticked me off and put me in a bad mood on a regular basis. Now I have to tell you that this isn’t one of those things were you can just turn off a switch and you’re magically happy, it’s a long process in some cases.

The first thing in my list was people in my life that don’t really have any person in my life what so ever. I sat and thought why am I keeping these people around, what good are these people doing for me and why do I keep dealing with them?

Good question….

So I simply STOPPED associating or even speaking to them, and all the sudden a ton of stress and anxiety melted away. Now this was a quick fix part of the problem, there are other things that are going to take a long time to change, but there are certain things you can change right now in order to find some tranquility.

The next thing I did was look at some things that I could change in the NEAR FUTURE, one being places I would go to hang out. If you got to bars, clubs, pool halls, etc, and end up in a fight or an argument or having problems with people, maybe it’s time that you should STOP GOING THERE!

So I eliminated some of the places I would go to in my leisure time.  I found other things that are positive and can help bring good change in place of those things, and guess what? IT HELPED OUT A TON!

Now this is just an example of one thing that I changed in my NEAR FUTURE list….

The later on down the line list includes my job; I get so stressed up and depressed because of it. Now I’ve found that all jobs are pretty much the same, that is unless you love what you do. If you love what you do you have a career and not a job, a job is the journey of the broke plain and simple.

So I’m taking steps to get away from the madness, to get away from the constant bombardment of nonsense that I face on a regular basis. Eventually the steps I take will lead me to the last step which is personal success.

These are just a few examples of what I’M doing in order to change my life around, I’m not saying that you have to take the same steps, but I’m just giving you ideas of things that you can do.

Always remember that you’re responsible for who?


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