How To Destroy Excuses Once And For All

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Success is one of those things that sometimes you can’t see coming. You may start to get some momentum, but until you really hit your goals, you don’t know when you’ll reach it.  Most of us are so close that we can taste it, yet we quit right before hand because the stress becomes to great.

We get to a point where we come to a wall we don’t know how to get over. When we THINK we figured out how to get over the wall then the wall seems to grow a little bit. We then tend to sit back and think if it’s even possible to get over the damn wall. Some of us figure out the solution and others of us don’t.

That’s just the way things are…

Which type are you?

So WHY is it that some of us can’t get around this wall?

Before I begin to give you some reasons most of us never get anywhere, I want you to understand one thing. I am not giving you a solution, 


Because in order to get a solution you have to understand the problem! 

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Ah yes, the first part of the equation is to identify the problem that YOU have. For most of us this is the most complex part of the whole damn thing. We’re constantly seeking answers for things we have no clue where they even stem from.  

It’s like when something breaks in our car, we simply wouldn’t guess on the problem and start buying random parts would we? No, we go to someone who can help us identify the root cause of the problem, then we can work and get a solution for the right price.

So WHY do we do this?

Because most of us don’t want to come to terms with the things that are really bothering us. We tend to make excuses and cover up our problems with a fake reality. So what I’m trying to do here is to help you identify your possible problem, that way you can have a starting point to find your solution.

Remember… FIRST dig deep and find WHERE the problem stems from BEFORE we go out seeking a solution.

Enough rambling, what are some of these so called problems?


This is a problem many of us face, if not all of us at one point in time. It’s easier to not do something then to do something. That initial push to get something started is the hardest thing on the planet. If you find yourself putting off something until tomorrow, then my friends, you are a procrastinator. Don’t believe me?

If you're in a position in your life where you feel like you’re a failure, retrace your steps. Think of all the opportunities you had that might have changed your life that you never capitalized on.

Fear of the unknown

What if I fail horribly at that, or what if doesn’t work? Yup, we are all guilty of saying that in the past. The ones who are rich and successful have gotten past this excuse. We live in our bubbles we created and harbor around comfort zones so we don’t have to change. All the while, change is happening all around us and to our bodies while we live in a fake delusional world. Stop fearing what you don’t know and embrace it.


I just don’t feel that I’m good enough. It’s horrible, no one will ever like that. Yup, once again many of us feel like if we don’t put out something perfect, then we won’t be accepted. How many shots did Michael Jordan take and miss? How many shots did Tiger Woods take that were horrible, yet both are considered to be 2 of the greatest in their sport. Stop worry about being perfect, perfection is an illusion. The only way to master a craft is through repetition. 

Information Overload

Well, I just don’t know yet, I think I have to read and study more to be able to do that. I’m not smart enough, I studied it over and over, yet I feel like I'll never get it. Again, more excuses, we keep trying to fill our minds with more information until we get to the point where our minds want to explode.  We never take action because we're constantly trying to fill our minds with more and more information.


I’m not good enough; no one will ever believe me.  This is a major one for all of us. We tend to see how much hate people put out towards others. Most of us can’t handle that pressure, so we tend to refrain from trying things. We believe we can’t succeed, and we keep beating ourselves over false assumptions.


Oh man, the big game is on tonight, I can’t finish that tonight.  No way, you got a brand new video game? Ok i guess i can finish this some other day. How many times have you been in a situation like this? Distractions are all around us at all times, think back the past few days how many distractions have messed up your current projects. 

My hope is that your eyes will open up after reading this. If you can identify yourself with some of these problems stated up above, then hopefully you will start to take the action necessary to change. Remember acknowledging the problem is the first part too walking the path to success. If you want to get over the wall, you have first figure out what's holding you back from doing so.


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