5 Reasons You Should Stop The Excuses And Actually Eat Healthier

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5 Reasons You Should Eat Better th_no-excuses



As kid my mother always fought with me to eat every piece of vegetable that was on my plate. I wou ld grunt and groan, and try to find ways to make it look like I ate all my vegetables when I really didn’t.  The funny thing is now I’m trying to do the same thing with my son.  With him it’s a little easier since we don’t have any sweets or anything of that nature in our house.  It’s still a battle we fight every day, I hear myself saying  "eat all of your vegetables so you can grow big and strong".

What goes around comes around!

It’s funny how things go around in a full circle, one day I hate vegetables, fruits, and other good things, today I’m chasing them down and trying to eat every good thing that there is.  I guess sometimes with age you start to think about things, life begins to speed up and most importantly, you begin to realize that…


It’s ok, old is only a mind state, as long as you eat healthy and clean, you can live a long healthy life. Here are few perks that most people don’t realize that come with eating healthy.


The Benefits of eating healthy 


1. Balanced Mood

Have you ever wondered why the heck your moods jump around after eating bad things? If you love eating candies and treats of that sort, you may suffer from mood swings every now and then. The reason is because these sweets are LOADED with sugars that spike our insulin levels, but then come crashing down. So what happens when our levels come crashing down? You guessed it, our moods, attitudes and everything else gets affected. That leads us to eat more of the nasty stuff in order to feel better for a few minutes.

Better eating = Better mood!

Introducing carbohydrate rich foods into your eating plan can help to increase serotonin, which in turn helps to improve your mood. Then on the other side of the spectrum you have complex carbs, they can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, keeping your mood balanced throughout the day. Certain foods such as yogurt, fish, and turkey have something called tryptophan which converts into serotonin, therefore increasing your moods to keep you happy all day long.


2. Stress reliever

It seems like everyone’s looking for some miracle pill or wonder drug to keep their stress levels down.  In reality, all these people should be doing is simply eating better.  Little do they know that if they would simply eat some greens and put down the fried fatty foods, they wouldn’t need to DSCN1103self-medicate themselves with harmful and sometimes addicting substances.

Better eating = Less stress

Studies have shown that by eating better food, especially greens and certain fruits, you can help to naturally alleviate stress. High fat, fried, and greasy foods actually play a role in helping to lower your serotonin levels; therefore they make you feel bad. You begin to feel lazy, irritable, and depressed. Limit your nasty food intake by substituting one meal a day with something healthy.


3. Weight loss

Just about everyone knows the benefits of eating better can play a major role in your weight loss efforts. Foods with high sodium, carbonation, grease, fats, and all the nasty stuff can take a toll on our weight and our overall health. By limiting sodas, fried and greasy foods, and other bad things, we can begin to feel and look better within a short time period. The key is to start off slowly, simply changing your entire eating habits from one day to next will not work.

 You have to simply start off utilizing baby steps in order to effectively change. Start off with one meal a day and substitute one bad thing you would usually eat for something good. Then after a couple of weeks, move to the next meal, and little by little you will see your efforts will begin to pay off.


4. Decreased Risk of  Cancer and Heart Disease

One of the main benefits of eating healthy is that it majorly decreases your chances of having life threatening illness like cancer and heart disease. By eating high fat, fried, and greasy foods, you elevate the risk for getting one of these diseases. Eating fruits and vegetables will help provide you with antioxidants, which can ultimately help neutralize free radicals, which are damaging cells that cause cancer in the body. The antioxidants help by giving electrons to these damaged ones causing the molecule to become stable. Therefor you are less likely at becoming prone to inflammation of any kind.


5.Overall health

Eating better will not only give you all of the benefits stated up above, but it will help you to live better and longer.  High fatty foods can cause an array of problems down the line, so eliminating them as much as possible is a smart thing to do. In this day and age it seems as if everything is “fast” oriented, from our foods, snacks, lunches, health, and just about everything else. Everything is on the go, so that’s what makes fast food restaurant’s so popular.

The problems with these places are that these foods are NOT healthy for us what so ever.  However, there are a few viable options we can pick from at these places if are short on time and cash. Instead of getting greasy foods, pick up a salad and water, and for dessert, see if they have parfaits or another type of yogurt blend of some sort.

At the end of the day, only YOU are responsible for what you eat. You have to make the conscious decisions and choices, not anyone else.  Next time you go for a large greasy cheeseburger of some sort, look at it and look at yourself, and think…

 “Should I really be eating this”?

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