The Big Business Scam | How To Combat The Stress And Get Out Of The Rat Race

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My point of this blog is not to slam work in general, I love to work hard, but what I hate is when “big companies” take advantage of people.  However, we all know some people take advantage of companies, but for the most part many of us fall victim to manipulators who control the rat race.  This blog is for those of you who feel lonely and hopeless in your workplace environment.  Sometimes we need an outlet, some simple advice, or some encouragement.   That is what I hope to offer you in this blog.

After graduating college I felt like the world was on my side, but after a ton  of struggling to find a solid position. I fell into a job that I thought would be great, and now 10 years later I realize I was totally wrong.

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How did I realize that companies are full of crap?

The day I found my ten year plaque underneath a printer in an office adjacent to mine, It was cracked and full of dust. Yet when  something minor  happens with one of the big bosses, everything is celebrated. The company I work for even cut out our bonuses, raises, and a multitude of things, even though we are in the top 10 producing companies on the planet.  hmm, interesting right?

It forced me to change my priorities around and become more adaptive to  the problems I faced. It made me see the big picture, and that the only clear cut solution is to take hold of my own life! Not live under the constraints of a dictatorship of a boss. Am I 100 percent out of the clear, NO! But I am what I like to call a work in progress.

The Problem We All FaceAmerican

Most of us have fallen victim, yes fallen victim to the  nonsense that is being a drone to a big company. For many of us, this adventure is a day in day out type of deal, 40 plus hours.  Whether you’re behind a cubicle or on the floor at some business, it’s pretty much all the same nonsense. Now not all of us are miserable at our jobs, some of us actually like it, kudos to those of you that do.  But for the majority, we get that sickening feeling every time we think about our jobs.

Why is this?

I could give you a multitude of reasons why we hate our jobs, whether it’s because of low pay, coworkers, bosses, the commute, etc. We all have our reasons for why we cannot stand to be in the situation that we are in.

Many of us tune it out day after day, doing the same old crap, reliving the same miserable experiences living for those 2 precious days at the end of the week.  Others of us are on a continuous schedule, and  sometimes we don’t even have 2 days to look forward too. We all have our reasons for which why we put ourselves through this.  But the main factor that we all have in common is, we do it because of money.

All of us are in search of the American dream, the hope that we can make enough money to live in abundance, raise a family, and have enough to live a happy life. The problem with that is that  the dream seems dead to most of us. With the fluctuation in the economy and all of the problems as a whole that we are having, nothing seems certain anymore. 50 years ago, getting a job and staying at that job until retirement was a solid plan. Today that plan sounds insane, Its almost like we have too keep on our toes all of the time to stay afloat.

Let me ask you all this. How many of you know someone who was at a job a very long time and got let go for no apparent reason at all?

How many college graduates do you know that can't find a job, or are told they are “overqualified”, or are struggling to pay back their loans?

The old plan seems like a bad decision these days. Our parents are struggling, the economy is crap, and big companies are even greedier than ever.


So what do we do?

There are a ton of things that you can do, only one problem stands in your way  though.


Fear of the unknown as most of us know it by.  Fear is what keeps us miserable, fear that we can’t pay our bills. Fear that we will fail and not succeed how we want too. That is the power that these companies thrive off of. They know that we won’t go anywhere unless something major happens. So they feed off of this and utilize it to their advantage.  

The first step is to confront your fear, or learn what your fears truthfully are. By doing so you start to learn about yourself. Get to know yourself by creating ways to implement inner growth. Change your eating habits and thoughts about your self. If your a negative person, then try and figure out a way to change those thoughts.  You can get self help books, cds, videos and much more information to help you out.  By doing so you will eventually grow out of the sadness moneyand into a the light of possibility.

Next thing is to educate yourself on something that YOU WANT TO DO. Don’t do something that someone else wants you to do. FIgure out what YOU LOVE TO DO, then go from there. If you love to do something, then work becomes fun and ultimately becomes your passion and not your job. Don’t listen to others that don't have what you want.

If you do, you will only fall back into the pit of shame and go back to your mundane everyday nonsense. Follow your heart and your dreams, we all dream day in and day out. Dreaming isn’t something that dies when we are transitioning from a child too an adult. Keep dreaming and keep living!

Take baby steps, by doing so you will accomplish so much more then you can possible imagine. Create small goals and work at them every single day. Remember if you do something for 30 plus days it will eventually become a habit. The one thing you have to remember is that you WILL FAIL! Welcome failure into your life and smile at it.

Then attack it like a wild ravenous beast, and keep going until you eventually win! little by little you will grow and eventually reach the level of success you dreamed of! This is the beginning of your journey, never stop learning and enjoying life, because we never know when our time is up!













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