The Greatest Illusion Ever – Finding Happiness

The Greatest Illusion Ever – Finding Happiness

We're often chasing happiness, we tend go through various mediums like money, clothes, and other lavish things that we think will bring us happiness. The problem is that when we do chase these things and finally obtain them, the happiness lasts only for a brief moment in time before it eventually goes away. We also tend to do this with love, we try to find someone who will make us HAPPY and after awhile the happiness goes away. 

So What Do We Do?

There isn't anything you can buy, get, or reach for to obtain happiness. The only way to actually reach a level of happiness is to look inside of yourself first! Stop trying to go elsewhere to get happy, you can't buy happiness at the store or anywhere externally. If you're not happy inside, than no amount of money or anything will ever bring you the satisfaction that you're looking for! 

How so?

Check out this video by Wayne Dyer

The Key To A Happy Life

He said there’s no need for that stuff, the formula for the key to a happy life is simple. He said that all you have to do is practice and utilze a few things in your life. He’s being doing these things for over 70 years.


1. Let go of the small things

Most of the things that we worry about on a regular basis are things that we CAN’T fix. They’re not part of our reality, but yet we feel they are, and honestly they’re just an illusion. If they’re not real than why even worry about them.


2. Stop trying to change and fix

People are going to be people regardless of what we say and do. Stay true to YOU and be the best version of you that you can be. Be a good person and treat everyone with respect, other than that live life the way YOU see fit.

You can’t change what other people are going to do and say, if they’re meant to be in your life, they’re going to stay in it because they want too, not because you molded them into it.


3. Stop letting what others SAY bother you so much

People are always going to try and get under your skin, that’s just the way things are. So stop letting the crap others say bother you so much. Keep things that you’re trying to do and work on in your life to yourself.

4. Learn to laugh more

Learning to laugh more at things makes life that much easier. When you look at things differently and learn to laugh, life becomes much easier to go through. Don’t take things for granted and just learn to laugh and be happy and smile!


He said that even though these tips may seem a bit trivial at first, after sometime you begin to realize that they make sense. Life is a learning lesson for all of us, and if we get things before we take them on, than there’s no purpose in them.





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