The Keys to Success | Why You Should Find Peace And Happiness Within Yourself FIRST!

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Help, I lost my happiness where did It go?

Finding the Lost Keys To Success

Have you ever lost your keys and felt like the world was going to end, you search high and low and to no avail you still can’t find them?

 The only thought in your mind is to find those damn keys because they unlock and lock everything important in your life. We find that we feel the same kind way when we’re trying to find the keys to success. We search high and low and work endlessly on our goals, but still can’t find them.

We launch massive searches and buy things in order to cope with the problem. We hurt others along the way,and we don’t take consideration for anyone’s feelings but our own. Our thoughts are soley on finding that happiness that will ultimately lead us to the success we want…. Or not!

How so?

The problem is we get engulfed to much with the external, and when we’ve had enough… 

This is where we go one of 2 ways…. Either we QUIT or we simply KEEP GOING…. 












We keep franticly searching for those keys, the keys to unlock the door to financial freedom, weight loss, a positive outlook, a happier life, or whatever it is that you’re searching for. 


The main problem isn’t in the places that we’re looking for them at in, sometimes we overlook things in those areas because we’re not stable in once place….


The first few steps at obtaining the keys to success are actually the easiest part of the process, and they’re no cake walk either I must admit. But this is where you have to reach INSIDE of YOURSELF in order to find those keys to success.

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In order to achieve the success you want, you have to find some way to be happy. Without it your journey will become one of desperation, a frantic search for something that you THINK will bring you happiness. In order to get those golden keys you have to be at peace with yourself before you go on a journey for your efforts.


How many people with money have you heard that are depressed and commit suicide? How many beautiful people get plastic surgery over and over in order to become MORE PERFECT? How many people use drugs in order to be happy, yet are insanely successful in other aspects in life?


So this is why you must learn to be HAPPY WITH YOURSELF before you go on your journey. So if you started on your journey now and aren’t happy and at peace with yourself, than it’s time to take some steps back and spend some one on one time with yourself.

So if you’re struggling in finding success in whatever it is that you’re aiming for, maybe it’s because you’re struggling with conflict not on the outside, but on the INSIDE. The real battle must be fought inside before you can go outside and go for the win there.

Think about it…. 

We buy cars, clothes, change our spouses around, we move and we do everything under the sun to find that feeling. To find that one thing that gives us a genuine smile. That warm feeling inside of us that makes us feel as if the world were ours. We go through extraordinary feats and travel through hell and back to get that feeling. 

The problem is that it's an endless and hopeless journey. We look and look high and low, we travel to the farthest corners of the planet in hopes of find it. Some of us spend our entire lifetimes and research others who have done the same to find it, yet we never do, nor did they! 


Because we need to STOP looking for it in other places, we need to stop looking high and low for something that exists in one place….. WITHIN US

You can't become successful, live out your dreams, become who you want to be and so on without FINDING HAPPINESS AND PEACE FIRST! All of your goals, accomplishments and so on won't mean squat unless you find peace and happiness within yourself. Stop trying to drink the sorrow away, stop using excuses to push it all away. Look at it in the face and confront it head on! 

Only then will you come face to face with peace and tranquility! 

When will you act upon it? Now or Never???


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