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Many of us have spent endless hours looking for opportunities to make some extra cash. Many of us jump on too systems and schemes in hopes of striking it rich, only to be let down in the end.  Wouldn’t it be great too at least make at least a few extra bucks on the net without the hassle?

Well my friends, I introduce you to a legit opportunity!

Before you shrug your shoulders and think “ah damn, not another make a million dollars in a day scam”.  No it’s not that scam crap, this is about making a few extra bucks… So what is it?



This Isn't  What FusionCash Is


  • FusionCash is NOT a way to get rich, or even supplement your main income.


  • FusionCash is NOT a get rich quick scam, like anything in life it takes some work too get some results.


  • FusionCash is not  a sit back on your Facebook account and talk about random nothing while you get paid for a system too do the work for you.

So what’s FusionCash?

FusionCash is a legit way to make  a few extra bucks each month. Generally you can make anywhere from 50- 200 a month with some work. Yes some work!!!

FusionCash is fun and rewarding at the same time. You can play games, take surveys, chat on the forum and much more, all the while getting paid to do it.

My personal experience with FusionCash

I've tried many getpaid 2 and paid survey type sites. Many of them simply didn’t pan out, while others simply didn't pay enough for the effort. That was until I found FusionCash! I tested the site out for a few months and after getting paid twice I was hooked. I eventually created a step by step guide how to navigate the site.




My Fusion Cash Video


Actual picture of my first  check!  

This took me about a couple of hours to do. Results may vary, and offers vary in how much you can get paid.

The second pic is a bunch of money I saved up from partaking in survey sites. 90 percent came from FusionCash.

By the way,Fusioncash is 100 PERCENT FREE, NO START UP COSTS OR MONEY DOWN, NO ANNUAL FEES, NOTHING BUT A WAY TO MAKE SOME EXTRA CASH.You can however do offers that require a credit card if you choose to do so. Your profit return can be much greater but its up to you.

(((Remember if you haven't signed up and want to, just click any of the banners to do so!!!!!!!!))

What's FusionCash All About?

FusionCash is known as a GPT (Get Paid To)site. Sites like FusionCash get paid by advertisers like Sears, Sony, Verizon, Best Buy, etc. to get people to do various tasks like completing offers, taking surveys, quizzes, trying out products, reading ads, and even playing games. Fusion Cash then shares a portion of the profits they receive from these companies with people like you and me. Free offers generally range from 25 cents to 5.00. Credit card offers pay out a lot more, but you have to be careful with free trial dates so you can cancel on time.

You have to be at least 13 years old to be able to become a part of FusionCash, so yes this a good way for teens to also earn some extra cash. So, if your new to Fusion Cash and feel a bit frustrated on what to do first look no further because you've come to the right place!

We are going to show you how to begin to make some extra cash by following some steps and advice that has helped us out. We know what it's like to get on Fusion Cash for the first time. You get all excited and you're thinking "oh I'm going to make a lot of money" then you look around a bit and you try to do a bunch of offer and nothing happens. Well, hopefully we can help reduce some of that stress, so sit back take notes and feel free to bookmark this page and share it with other beginners. Remember, it's important to have fun and be patient!!!



There are multiple ways to make some extra cash with FusionCash. Here are a few of those ways:

Don't forget to sign-up! You can sign-up by clicking any of the Fusion Cash banners on this page!




Get paid guaranteed with DAILY OFFERS!

These are some of the current FusionCash offers!

Paid To Click = $0.15
Paid to click are the easiest because all your doing is clicking 5 fusion cash links, waiting a little over a min then click redeem and you instantly get paid. It's not much but hey, every penny counts right!

GiveUsYour2Cents = $.75
Credited almost instantly when completed, you take a 10-20 min survey, once finished you will be credited

MyThoughtsCount= $1.00
Same thing as GiveUsYour2Cents but pays the most, its a 10-20 min survey that credits almost instantly upon completion.



Heres how it works!

You get a friend who signs up and confirms his/her email address you and get $1

Your friend completes their first offer you then get $2

Every time your friend cashes out you get $5 dollars each and every time they cash out.



Make Money Daily (Every Day)

Make money every day using FusionCash's "Daily Offers"

FusionCash has something called “Daily Offers”. You can access them each and every day. By spending a few minutes out of your day you can bring in around 50 dollars just by utilzing this!

Daily offers list below….

Paid To Click = $0.15

Click 5 links and get paid 15 cents per click… Easy enough right?

MyThoughtsCount = $1.00

This will take you about 10-20 min, but its worth it. You will get a dollar everytime you do it!

GiveUsYour2Cents = $0.75

Its the same thing as MyThoughtsCount, except the survey will take you a little less time. Not bad for a little bit of work each day!


Add FusionCash On Facebook = $1.00

Simply add them on Facebook and you will earn a 1 dollar! simple enough right?

Post A Photo Of Your Payment Or Of What You Bought To The FusionCash Forums = $1.00



Make Money Without Doing The Surveys!

Now you know that you dont have to do the surveys too make some money. If you do choose too do surveys you can make that much more! Think of the potential, you may be able too pay for a new phone or take your loved one too the movies with your FusionCash check!

The best part of FusionCash is that you get $5.00 just for signing up! Why not try FusionCash out, you have nothing too lose!!!!

Sign Up For FusionCash = $5.00




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  1. I agree! FusionCash is the best place to start earning Real Cash online doing the things you already love and do! I have made hundreds of dollars doing things I already spend my time doing: reading emails, chatting with friends, watching videos, and taking short surveys.

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