5 Reasons It’s INSANE To Chase Happiness

5 Reasons It’s INSANE To Chase Happiness

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5 Reasons It's INSANE To Chase Happiness

If there’s one thing in common that all of us all over the world have, it’s that we're all chasing happiness. But as most of you know it's insane to chase happiness. We're constantly trying to chase happiness and almost always fail to succeed

We chase happiness but end up mad as all can be in the process….

Check out this video and after read on…. 

Dan Gilbert On The Science Of Happiness!

Why is this?

Here are 5 reasons the pursuit of happiness can make you go insane!

1. You’re trying too damn hard

Happiness is one of those things that we DON'T find externally, we find it internally. We can't BUY happiness, nor find it somewhere and expect to stay happy, we have to build it up within ourselves. 
Negativity is all around us and certain people are always going to try to put us down to their level, that’s just the way things are. What we have to do is take things in stride, you can’t quit smoking overnight, well at least most of us can’t.

So why would you try and be  happy all at one time?

Start off small, working 1 thing at a time that bothers you, and then build off those efforts.


2. You compare yourself to others too much

We all have one person we would like to be like, we see how they act, the things that they do, and end up wanting to be them.But the problem is that you are you and you will NEVER be anyone else, so stop trying to be someone else.


If you feel like you’re broken inside, then start small and fix it, learn to live with you, once you do that you’ll start become happier.The moment you start believing in yourself and your abilities, that’s the moment things will start change.


3. You over think the trivial things too much

Most of us worry about things like deadlines, bills, work, family, and so on. But the problem is that there are a ton of other thing that we worry about that we really shouldn’t even be focused on at all.

If we really peel back the layers of crap we worry about, we will soon come to realize that about 80 percent of the stuff we worry about doesn’t even matter. Stop thinking so much!

4. We don’t appreciate the small things enough

When we’re trying to become happy, we tend to miss a ton of things, like the small things. There are certain things around us that can really make us happy if we focus on them.

For some reason we only focus on the bad things around us, we miss the small things like a beautiful flower, or the sunset, things that are around us all of the time.

Stop and look around a bit!

5. We aren’t grateful for the things we ALREADY have.

I’m the same as all of you are, I want more things and when I look back I should be grateful for the things in my life that I DO have at this moment. Then when they go away we look back and think about the things we should have been grateful for.

Don’t do that, be grateful for the things that you do have now!

Stop and look around you and enjoy life for a bit, you’ll be glad you did. Before you know it you’ll be on another journey in another dimension somewhere, so be happy that you’re alive and take things little by little!

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