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A lot us wonder and think "what if", what if we would have chased our dreams. What if we would have left our little towns in search for more. What if we would have taken that giant leap of faith and really went after what we wanted at that time. 

At that time?
The reason I say at the time is this, our bodies change, our appearance, thoughts, friendships, outlook, and JUST about everything else. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but what I'm saying is that things tend to change us, sometimes whether we want them to or not.
That's just the way life is…. 
Our dreams don't look the same at 20 as they do at 60, most people who are sixty don't even dream anymore. They're thoughts are on what if, well the ones that I've spoken too anyhow, not all but many of them. They always say dare to take chances, the reason being is that life is too short not to. The
n you have those who are always smiling, but yet they didn't go anywhere, they stayed in Nowhwereville U.S.A
Yeah, you know know… The little towns that if you blink you might miss them. They don't even have to be that small, they can be what we consider a rather large town. But in scope of someone who COMES from a big city, they may think we're just another hole in the wall. 
Now not everyone thinks this way, some are content with their small towns and simply way of life. There's nothing wrong at all with that, if that's what you like then more power to you. But if you're reading this and you've gotten this far, you're not one of those people. You may LIKE where you are, but there's something missing, something that you can't put to rest. 
Like what?

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I can't answer that, but what I do know is this. If you simply ok with where you're at but just can't find true happiness, you have to start in one place. 
Here's a funny story, a friend of mine lived in Indiana where I still live at most of his life. He ended up moving to his dream location of Key West Florida some years back. Well after the awe left and the same old became the norm, he started complaining about everything. All the sudden complaints started coming out of the woodwork. 
  • It's too hot 
  • The people here are stuck up
  • Everything costs too much money 
  • and so, on…..
He made me realize a few things, that it doesn't matter WHERE YOU ARE, or WHERE YOU GO, if you're not happy within, you're NOT going to be happy anywhere on the planet, or even outside of the planet if we we're able to go else where. We're all to busy TRYING TO FIND HAPPINESS, the problem is that it's not an external thing, it's anINTERNAL one! 
Now there are no quick fix solutions, and as much as some people like to push out products that SAY THERE ARE, there simply isn't. You can't just slap a patch on unhappiness, it just doesn't work that way. You have to dig deep inside and find the happiness inside of you, because no matter what you have, or who you have, if you're not happy inside, you'll  never be happy period! 
True story! 
But what does that have to do with living in a small town and not being happy?
You have to find happiness inside of you FIRST, then you'll be able to appreciate the beauty around you. Don't think that moving somewhere nice and warm is going to do anything for you at at all. If you're miserable where you're at, moving somewhere else is only going to be a temporary solution. Once all the awe goes away, guess what's going to happen?
Back to the same damn sadness! 
I know what some of you are thinking, how in the heck can I do that?

Here are few ways that may just help you out! 

1. Find inspiration in a dream that just won't die by helping others
If you wanted to play sports on a professional level, but now you're 50 and out of shape. Your time has certainly passed, but helping someone else achieve their dream is still there. Sometimes doing that can be WAY MORE SATISFYING than doing it yourself. 
Volunteer at a local gym where you can help youth sharpen skills. Get back into shape by starting a small fitness regimen, that way you'll be more effective in coaching and helping out. It doesn't have to be just with sports, it can be with art, music, poetry, etc. Anything that you want just get back into it. If your dream is there, live your dream through others. It may not have been that YOU were supposed to be the one who lived it, it may mean that you were meant to help someone else become who they're supposed to become. Sometimes by just doing this it helps to fill your mind with hope, it gives you purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.
2. Do something you've always wanted to do
I don't care where you live at, there are certain things that you've ALWAYS wanted to do, but you were to damn scared to do them, even where you're at. Muster up the courage to go out and do them, find something new to do every week. 
3. Pick up a book 
A good way for me to fill my mind up with hope and happiness is to escape in a good book. It doesn't matter where you're at, if you feel alone now, you're going to feel alone even if you were in a crowded stadium. By reading you can become at one with yourself, immerse yourself into something that you're interested in. Maybe read about something you would like to learn about, it may just inspire you to take some classes and further you knowledge and education. 
4. Find purpose in your job or take steps to leave it! 
If you simply HATE your job, start by taking it step by step in simply finding another job or profession. Just don't up and quit, take steps to make what you want to do happen. If you do like your job but are bored, find something that you can change in your job. Find something that will give you meaning, try to look for new direction. Even working at some small town no where job can have a positive effect on others if you simply try. 
Who knows what could happen right?




5, Find others who are passionate about something 
you don't have to go out and put up posters looking for happy people. Just simply find people in your area or even online that share some of the same interests as you do. Maybe even create your own group or cause in your area. 
Remember the old movie Field Of DreamsIF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME! 
That line has always stuck with me, not because of the movie, but because of the underlining meaning behind it. Build something with purpose and become the leader and those who are afraid to lead will follow.
You'll find purpose and meaning, and sooner or later you'll build the courage that you thought you lost so many years ago. Then the sky's the limit, nothing can stop you. You won't see walls anymore, you'll see windows of opportunity. 
Don't focus on the end of the road sign that says now leaving nowhereville, tilt your head up and smile and look up the sky and beyond it. Realize that the world is just speck in the scope of it all and that you are able to do what you want. 
Once you find happiness within, nothing is impossible, even leaving or at least being able to enjoy and be happy with where you're at! 
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