How To Be Happy | 4 Simple Steps To Be Happy In Life

How To Be Happy | 4 Simple Steps To Be Happy In Life

 How To Be Happy | 4 Simple Steps To Be Happy In Life


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The other day I was talking to this older gentleman at the gym that I visit on a regular basis about how to be happy. He was telling me that life isn’t always what it seems, that we have to peel 2 or 3 layers of illusions to get to reality.

I sat and thought for a second, and then I replied with…

 “How so?”

He said that life is an illusion and that there are some simple steps to be happy in life, the problem is we complicate things and we live in others realities. He used the analogy of my reality and his reality not being same even though we are in the same building at the same time.His experiences and mine are going to completely different even though we’re in the same room.

Now he said that isn’t the crazy part, that’s just life and our experiences that we have on a regular basis. When it comes to people is where it gets REALLY interesting, where truth and lies come into play.

I sat back and started getting even more interested,  at that point I didn’t even want to work out, I wanted to hear more.

So since he didn’t want to waste any more of my time, he said put it this way… The reason I said you have to peel layers off to get to the truth is not because of our personal realities, it’s because most people are full of bull.

He said you can spot a genuine person from a mile away, they have no ill intentions, no ulterior motives, their clear and precise and do and say what they mean. Now he said that most people aren’t like that though.

Why are marriages failing at alarming rates more than ever, because people are finding ways to utilize our tech for bad purposes, for instance like cheating, right?


I looked at him and nodded my head…

He said that people will play a role in order to get what they want, they may play this role for years and even decades, but truth always comes out in the end, but it’s never their fault. The problem is that most of us end up being comfortable within an illusion. But that happiness is an internal thing, not an external one. There IS NO search for happiness, it's an internal thing that you can't buy. 

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We simply don’t want to face the truth so we stay in the illusion because we feel that reality is something we just can’t face. Now the other person knows this so they play it to their advantage, and this is why there’s so many people on anti-depressants and similar junk.

Simple Steps To Be Happy In Life

He said there’s no need for that stuff, the formula for the key to a happy life is simple. He said that all you have to do is practice and utilize a few things in your life. He’s being doing these things for over 70

1. Let go of the small things


Most of the things that we worry about on a regular basis are things that we CAN’T fix. They’re not part of our reality, but yet we feel they are, and honestly they’re just an illusion. If they’re not real than why even worry about them.

2. Stop trying to change and fix others

People are going to be people regardless of what we say and do. Stay true to YOU and be the best version of you that you can be. Be a good person and treat everyone with respect, other than that live life the way YOU see fit.

You can’t change what other people are going to do and say, if they’re meant to be in your life, they’re going to stay in it because they want too, not because you molded them into it.

3. Stop letting what others SAY bother you so much

People are always going to try and get under your skin, that’s just the way things are. So stop leInsearch4success.comtting the crap others say bother you so much. Keep things that you’re trying to do and work on in your life to yourself.

4. Learn to laugh more

Learning to laugh more at things makes life that much easier. When you look at things differently and learn to laugh, life becomes much easier to go through. Don’t take things for granted and just learn to laugh and be happy and smile!

He said that even though these tips may seem a bit trivial at first, after sometime you begin to realize that they make sense. Life is a learning lesson for all of us, and if we get things before we take them on, than there’s no purpose in them.

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