How To Boost The Mind Through “Auto Suggestion”

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Henry Ford once said “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”  Think about the last time you said something like “na, i can’t do that, it is IMPOSSIBLE”. Or how many times in the past have you heard people giving you nonsense excuses why YOU can’t do something. Now the we all know the fundamental difference between those who CHOOSE to be successful and those WHO DON’T. Yes i said CHOOSE to be successful, why? Because we all have the act or not to act. The choice is always up to us. We are what say we are, we are how we act, we are what we think!  The mind is a wonderful and mysterious creation.

So how do i change what i think about?

Auto Suggestion

Auto Suggestion is a simple tactic to combat the crap thoughts every one of us have daily. Over time fears can be eliminated with this technique. So how do i do it? It’s simple, all you have to do is repeat a thought over and over. I mean repeat the thought for as long as you can. What you are doing is self hypnosis, you may not realize it at the time though. Subconsciously you are creating a  new you. Your are telling your brain what YOU want to feel and be. Therefore after much self affirmation you will become what you think. So Henry Fords quote does hold truth!

So what do you tell yourself? This is what i tell myself, you can come up with your own.

I will succeed

I have no fear

I will succeed

Nothing is  impossible! 


Does your body need exercise to function properly? Well, think about it, if you can’t answer this question then you have some serious research to do. What happens to your car when you don’t maintain it regularly? Yup, it falls apart and then you have to get it fixed. Same holds true with our bodies and minds,  if you don’t maintain them, well then either we have to go to the doctor or it is on to the next existence. There are a few ways to exercise your mind. The first would be to practice reciting positive suggestions in your mind over and over each day. Make it a constant thought and get that annoying song you can’t stand out of your head. It is funny we remember the junk we shouldn’t remember, but we can’t remember things of value! 2. Do some puzzles or any strategy type games that make you really think. If it hurts your head to think, then keep going at it, remember no pain no gain! 3. Read inspiring and motivational  pieces. By doing so you will subconsciously take in those stories, and after awhile you will become what you see and read.

Become the success you want to become. Stop worrying over trivial matters and stop fussing over things that you CANNOT control! We are always trying to control and be in charge of this and that. In life there are 2 things that are certain. One is that we will get old and the second is that we will eventually die. So why sweat the nonsense, your greatest day could be tomorrow, followed by the worst day ever the next. Ride the roller coaster and be in charge of your own mind. Do not let others be in charge of your thoughts, perceptions, views etc.

Another way to grow mentally and become what you want to become is to find a catalyst for your movement. Find something that you can go to when you are down and feeling out. Something that has a sort of repetitive tone, watch or listen to it over and over. Remember the key points and recite them multiple times daily.

Here is what i listen to at least 10 times a day if not more




The end choice is up to you as it always will be. Your decision to act or react is solely decided up to the person you see in the mirror!

Much respect

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