How To Get Smarter By Using Mind Mapping!

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Being around an area that is filled with lots of negativity makes you think a lot. Think about what you are probably asking? About the reality of spinning in a wheel going nowhere, like a hamster does. See, negativity brings nothing but the same old despair. For some people that pain is re-living  the same problems, day in and day out. What these people fail to realize, is that they  are creating their own problems. So to escape this torn reality of negativity i needed an outlet. I came upon Tony Buzan and his mind mapping techniques. I found my way to get away mentally and help give my ideas a bit more perspective.

Check out what it is all about….MIND MAPPING!











I use these techniques daily. I sit down and use mind maps and things that challenge my brain for about 2 hours a day total. So far i have noticed a difference in how i think and see things now.

I encourage you all to try it out, and if you have already been doing it share your experience with us!!!

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