I’m Afraid To Fail, That’s Why I Won’t EVER SUCCEED!

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Stop Being So Scared, Success Can Be Yours! 


How many times have we heard someone say this to you, or something similar in the past? Maybe it wasn’t this harsh, or maybe it was even worse, but whatever the case may be, we’re told that we won’t ever succeed and that success isn’t realistic. Yet time and time again we see people who SHOULDN’T have succeeded in something soar higher than the tallest mountain on this planet!

The sad part of it all is that most of the resistance that we face doesn’t come from the outside world; it comes from inside of our inner circles aka our friends and family.


Yeah, if you haven’t noticed it, look around you and think about the last few negative things that you’ve heard recently. Think about the people who said something to you, whether subtlety or flat out to you. Most of the time these people say things when they’re upset with us. 

Think about it…

 The last time you got into an argument or confrontation with someone close to you, did they say something negative about you or something that you’re trying to do? I know when I got into a small argument with those who are close to me; something I’m trying to do or work on always gets brought up in a negative way.

Interesting right?


This happens even more when the issue of money or something to that effective is brought up. The stress that amounts on others will fall on YOUR SHOULDERS when you in the midst of the struggle. The struggle is very real, the struggle is when you are on your journey to reach that level of success you so much desire!

We already know that the general public is going to hate on our efforts, especially those who have tried to do the same thing we are trying to do but failed miserably at it. Usually that doesn’t bother us because we expect it, but when our friends and family do it, then it becomes something different.







This is where the path gets interesting; this is where the choice falls on you and only you. This is the moment that you have the spotlight and world is subtly watching you, well not really but it feels like that.  This is what separates the champs from the chumps. Because when someone close to you bashes you and your efforts, we usually decide one of 2 ways to go.


 Take the blue pill and go back to the insanity that is the existence you can’t stand, or…. You can take the red pill and continue on with the struggle and venture into the unknown of what could be the defining moment in your life.

(Matrix the movie references for those of you wondering what the pills are lol!)

What are you going to choose?


This is the cross roads that many people who struggle emotionally fall apart at. They feel like they can’t win and won’t win so they just pretty much flat out quit and call everything a scam, no matter what it is. You know those people who say everything is a scam.

“oh I tried that, it doesn’t work, that’s a scam” and “oh that weight loss stuff is for losers, it doesn’t work I know because I tried it”.

Tried it? REALLY???

My whole point of this post is to get you to realize that RESISTANCE is REAL, and most of the time the biggest resistance comes from those who you expect to embrace and help you along your way. When you truly identify this and come to terms with it, this is when you can take hold of your life and your own problems and stop putting them on someone else.

Food for thought:

You’re down and depressed a lot because of your efforts, so you go to someone else thinking they will bring the sun out for you. But usually the term “birds of a feather flock together” is a true statement, am I right?

So these people you are depending on to bring you up are probably in the same predicament mentally or physically as you are….

Shouldn’t you look elsewhere for motivation and hope?

I know I do! So be the catalyst for change and be the leader and you will get the faith you are looking for when you do. Be the change you want to see and those who you depending on will come around and look as you as the staple point!






It’s not easy by any means, but the biggest challenge is just STARTING OUT…. Once you do and keep going at it little by little, you can’t fail. Take baby steps, start off by implementing GOALS and create a plan of action. What I did was create a super small goal, something that most people would laugh at. But you know yourself better than anyone else…


You don’t have to suck, all you have to do is BELIEVE in yourself, when you do, you start to take action, and what does MASSIVE ACTION create?






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