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Inches, when people ask WHY even look at inches, or why even keep them in mind, remind them that inches have won championships. Inches in certain situations can even mean LIFE OR DEATH!

Inches matter!!! 

The sad thing is that  most of us don’t even notice them,nor even care about them most of the time.Inches can play a MAJOR ROLE in deciding if you’re going to succeed or not.

How so?

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard Al Pacino’s speech in the football movie “Any Given Sunday” or not, but that speech sums up what inches are all about.  If you haven’t checked it out, check it out here…

 A word to the wise the speech has some foul language, so be aware!



Inches can be the difference between and win and a loss, it can mean everything and it can mean nothing at all. The reason being is that inches added up become great distances. If we add up every inch of effort that we put forth, we can see how far we have really come. See the problem is that most people don’t think of inches as being anything else but that, inches!Insearch4success.com

Why the negative ones are wrong!

What champions realize is that even the smallest inch forward is some kind of progression. Any amount of progression in the right direction is something good. How many times have you seen photo finishes in different sports? You see it in car, swimming, running, races and many other sports. It comes down to who wants it the worst, who’s willing to go the extra inch in order to win.

Think about this….

You have 2 people who are training for the exact same thing, they're about the exact same height, speed, and perform the same talent wise. They stand out amongst the rest in everything that they do, and they know that each other is the only REAL competition that they have 

Now the person who pushes for that extra inch each day is going to have an advantage from the get go, am I right?

How so?

Well when it comes down to the wire, the person who isn’t going that extra inch is going to come up to their limit and most of the time fall off. However the other person who Is used to going that extra inch is going to be accustomed to going that extra bit in order to win. The difference always comes down to that inch, no matter what someone says.


Every day we put forth effort and while some of the effort we put forth may seem trivial. Even at times it  may even seem like it’s not doing anything… But it is. The thing is that when we’re told to take baby steps, how do you think that correlates to inches? It’s the same principle, doing things one step at a time, taking your time and eventually getting to where it is that you want to get too.

Here’s another video on taking things one step at a time…


Remember this, if you take into account all the effort that you put forth. If you take into account every single step, every single inch, your journey will mean that much more.

So the next time someone says something to you about an inch not mattering, let them know that INCHES DO MATTER!!!


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