Is Our Income Potential Based On How We Perceive Money As a Whole? Get Back On Track, Learn How Here!

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If you haven’t heard the sayings “you are what you think you are”, and “your reality is based solely on your thoughts and your actions”, then now you have. The reason I brought up those two things is this.

Do you think rich people think differently about money than everyone else?

 Do you think what we hear, see, and feel about money affect our ability to find multiple ways of getting money?

The answer is to that is a big fat yes!

Most of you have read at least one book or article some multi-millionaire has written in the past. The one thing that they all have in common is how they THINK about money. Even those that don’t come from money have a different perception of money and what it means to them.  They have realized that the way you THINK about money is key factor that will determine how much you will allow yourself to get.DSCN1309

Think about this….

If your perception of money is always negative, then how much money do you think will be flowing into your life?  Probably not much at all right, but the key is this…


Some of you may be thinking “oh here we go with that thought and law of attraction stuff”.  Well let’s put it this way. If you’re down and depressed all of the time, how much motivation will you have to work towards a goal? How much effort will you put into something when you motivational level is at zero?


So, the overall assumption that the thought stuff is crap is a bunch of crap in itself. The fact of the matter is this, if you’re thinking down all the time, how do you expect to up your financial status?  Now the first and most important thing is coming to terms with this fact. If you’re negative as heck, especially about financial stuff, then it’s time to switch roles and learn how to become more positive. Positivity promotes energy, which transmutes into ACTION.

You’re first step at making more money is to learn how to become more positive. Now I could write 100 blogs on this topic, and make this one an entire book explaining how to do it. But, the reality of the matter is this; no one can tell you HOW to change except yourself. Your perception about money can ONLY change if you want it to change. So if you do, pick up some books, audio100_3073REDONE-1 books, videos, pictures, etc and get on the journey to a new you, that’s just your first step.

Now do things around us affect the way we see and feel about money? Heck yeah it does!

When you’re constantly going through bills and getting calls from debt collectors, and you turn on the television and see these reality shows about people spending millions on crap, what do you think that does to our thoughts?

Music artists, commercials, magazines, television shows, movies, and so on are ALWAYS reminding us of the lavish life that other half live, while were constantly being reminded of the life we live. Then on top of that we have to be reminded by those around us about the hardships we all face from day to day.  Commercial media does nothing but glorifies those with lots of money, while the rest of us watch, wish and dream.

So what can we do about this?

1.  Turn off your television, or change the programs you watch

If you change from watching rich people running around in reality shows, to shows that can actually MOTIVATE you, or help you create some ideas that can bring you more money, then do so. Cut down the time you watch tv in half and read books on finance, or read books on things that interest you that could possibly make you some extra cash.

2.  Music, Magazines, and other media.

If you listen to music that all the artist does is brag about what THEY HAVE, then stop listening to that crap. Listen to things that will give you some energy, give you the power to create rather than sit back and feel even more frustrated then you already are.  Stop watching movies that depress you more than anything, watch things that inspire you.

3.  Negative people

We all have friends, family, coworkers, etc that bring us down every single time we talk to them. Depending on who they are, and what significance they have to your life, cut them out if you can. You don’t need someone reminded you how bad life is when you’re already in the dumps.  People like this love to make you feel bad, because they feel horrible themselves, so they love to spread the misery. It makes them feel as1945_1366037191 if they aren’t alone and have someone to complain with.

Get yourself around people who are actually about something, people who are motivated to succeed, and also those who have succeeded, that can possibly help you in some kind of way. Remember positive energy is spread from person to person, as is the negative stuff. 

At the end of the day, you have to come to terms on how you think about money. Think in a creative mindframe about ways to boost your income potential. Like I said before, your first step is to sit back and think about how you think and feel about money. Once you correct that, you will begin to notice a shift or momentum into a new and more positive direction.


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