Stop Throwing Your Money Away On Crap| 5 tips on Saving Some Extra Cash, and a Way to Make a Little More

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Most of us go about our daily lives spending all kinds of money without even thinking about it. Then when it comes time to pay some bills, or even count our money, we tend to freak out because we have a lot less money than we thought we initially did.

This is the point in time I like to call the ‘brain fart”. We act as if we never even spent the money, and have no clue where and when the money actually left our presence. It’s so easy to spend money without thinking about it, why? Because we tend to spend a few bucks here and there, what we fail to realize is that a few bucks here and there adds up to a ton of bucks at the end of the day.

Here are 5 money saving tips you can utilize, so you can keep some of that hard earned money. 1945_1366037191

  1. Buy in bulk

When you buy in bulk you not only save a bunch of money, you also eliminate the need to have to go to a store for much longer then you would if you didn’t. Don’t buy perishable foods in bulk, because most of the time you’re probably going to just throw away most of it. Buy things that will last a long time and space them out. Create a space that you can stock up the goods, that way you can go back and get them when you need it, without causing clutter.

  1. Ride a bike

You would be amazed how much money you can save buy simply riding a bike instead of using a car. If you live within a mile of most of the stores and places you visit on a regular, than riding a bike not only will save you gas money, but will also help you to get back in shape.

  1. Turn down your air and heat

By simply lowering your heat and the air in your house, you can save a chunk of money after some time. Most people look at saving a few bucks as nothing serious, but a few bucks saved weekly over a period of a couple of years can really add up. See how much your price per therm is for your gas, then turn it down a notch and see how much you can save.

  1. Buy clothes on sale   

This is a tip for all those of you who are shopping addicts. Buy clothes when they are deeply discounted. A simple tip that I have been using is this, I buy clothes the previous season before when they are 50% off or more. Sometimes you can get clothes for up to 80% off, yes you have to wait a year to wear them, but when the time comes you will be glad you did. Some of you who are worried about being “in” will probably like this tip. But for those of you who don’t simply wait until some big sale, primarily around the time of certain holidays and shop then. Get an idea what you want, and come back and get it when the sales begin.American

  1. Stop buying on impulse

Create a list of things that you “need”, not that you want. By doing so, you can walk into a store with a plan and get in and out before you spend any unnecessary money. You would be amazed how much you actually spend on impulse if you were to track your spending habits. How many times have you stopped at a gas station and picked a drink, candy, or some food when you’re not really hungry or thirsty? The only reason you pick up the stuff in the first place is because it’s there.


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  1. Great tips! Your article is really helpful! We often tend to spend money unconciously and then we wonder where the money goes. Small savings really add up so it's best to save small but save now.

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