Our Mind, The Wonderful Mystery| A Mental Exercise

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Our Mind, The Wonderful Mystery

Do you ever why you do things you do? Why is it that all of us do certain things we know are wrong, but continue to do so? We could get into all kinds of scientific terms and suggestions, but were not….Why? Because even then the majority of us will still feel lost when given the answer, or so called answers.imagessfs

The truth is most of us have no clue why we do certain things, or even act in certain ways. I heard sometime back that we actually know everything we are going to do or say almost a full second before we even think it. Hmm, that makes you think? So are we really in control of our thoughts and actions or is something, or someone else?

I know what your thinking "No more questions dammit"!

Ok, so we all get the point, that there are many more questions then there are answers. We are constantly trying to explore externally, but many of us forget to explore internally. We all have that little voice in our head that almost seems to have its own mind. We reason with it in a non psycho way, yeah you know you've talked to yourself in the past, we've all done it. But isn't it strange that at times we actually answer ourselves without even thinking. 

Think about this, why is it so damn hard to quit smoking for most people, yet some people can quit at the drop of a dime. Others are plagued by multiple bad habits they feel like they can't break away from, but others can do it with a snap of thier fingers. If we know where the problem stems from, why can't we correct it?

Why are we afraid to acknowledge our problems, you know, the problems that you have deep down inside. When were called out on them, we tend to neglect it and make excuses. We become combative and protective over something we know damn well we want to get rid of. 

Questions create more questions, leading to frustration ultimately leading into insanity. What's insanity? You talking to multiple people that don't exist, or dawdwo they? The beauty of all these questions is that each one of us is unique, so the answers for each question is always going to be different. We may all be different in the matter of age, sex, race, religion, etc. But on another level, a questioned level or reality, we are all connected.

What I have done in this blog is made you think, most of you at this very point are still pondering some of the questions i threw at you during the earlier parts of this blog. As we continue to read, we are subconsciously trying to decipher the answers to those questions, and I can bet as soon as your done reading this, your still going to be thinking about some of these questions.

Ahhh, brain food for the masses, these are all questions most of us wonder from time to time. I challenge you to look inward for the answers you seek that are outward. You may just surprise yourself with the answers you find!


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