Presidential election time, time for change, or is it?

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Presidential election time, time for change, or is it???

I have to say that I am glad that election time is over. All we heard was what the other person was not doing, and how it “should” be. Countless amounts of money were spent on these campaigns, and tons of advertisement’s, filled with childish blaming and name calling. The day came and went and now we have a president, and life goes back to normal. So the underlining theme of the election was change. Where are we headed and where are we going? We all know where we have been, and to some the change was negative and to others it was a step in the right direction. So with all the talk, what change have we seen? Now I am not going to get all into facts and numbers, nor do I favor one side or the other. The only thing I favor is bringing in some positive change.

So how do we change? Is it by electing a different president with a plan that is opposite from what is going on now? Do we really think things are going to change for the better on a grander scale? Do we all think the plan now is going to change anything for better or worse? Honestly maybe a little bit, but overall the effect will be the same. As long as we have money hungry people in charge nothing is ever going to change. Change starts right here. With you reading this at this very second. The choice to bring real change starts within ourselves and not in White House. Will a president effect our decision to buy a car when we don’t have the money too? Will government effect out choice to go out on a Saturday night and spend money we don’t have? Well, maybe a little bit if they change a few things around, but overall I don’t really think so. People are going to spend money regardless of the times. Old habits are hard to change for many of us. Just because a different person and a different plan are in place, doesn’t mean our problems are going to be fixed.

We are our own catalyst for change

Change starts at home, through our own education. When I mean education, I don’t mean a formal in class one. I mean it could be, but what I really mean is educating ourselves on our own spending habits, planning and setting goals, and living a more positive meaningful life. If we are spending more than we bring in, then we are adding to the problems. Our deficit will not change if each one of us is not helping the problem out. Hoping for a better day is not going to get the job done. We have to take our lives in our hands and be in charge of them. We have to stop letting others dictate what and when we do something. Many of us are robots mindlessly moving about doing what others tell us to do, day in and day out. We feel like we are stuck in a loop that we can’t get out of. Our only release is the 2 last days of the week, in which we have to get everything we didn’t get done in the previous 5 days. Our health goes downhill with poor eating and sleeping habits. Our health falls apart leading to excess doctor and hospital visits. We continue spiraling down until we eventually fall apart and have a breakdown, or eventually die.

So how do we change?

Change cannot happen overnight, and if it does it will be to drastic to really grasp what is going on. Like I said before, old habits die hard. We have to take baby steps and gradually build new habits. When that happens we become something else, we find meaning behind life. We leave the robotic ways to the real robots. Taking small steps each day is a way to effectively change bad habits. We can start off by replacing what we watch with more positive meaningful things. We can pick up a book instead of watching TV. We can change around what we listen to bring in more positivity. Meditation is a good way to become more balanced. Changing what you eat and when you eat is another good way. Don’t try to implement everything at once, take it step by step. There are many great books, videos and other sources to help you out!

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