A Simple Yet Effective Way to Save Money Without Even Noticing it

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Helping You To Save Money Without Even Noticing it

We’re all always told to save some extra money to the  side for rainy days, the future, or to have to spend when we want. But the problem is that when most of us get paid from our jobs, we end up spending everything before we even cash our checks!money

How so?

Well, the dreaded “bills” comes into play, and then everything else we have to spend in order to stay afloat comes about as well. By the end of it all we’re feeling left broke and unsatisfied, so how in the heck are we even supposed to save when all that happens?

Well there’s a simple ways to save money to the side without having to reach into your wallet/purse or even your check.

Ok we’re listening….

A simple way is to find a way to earn extra money, and most of you reading this probably already found one way or another by this point in time. For those of you who haven’t found a way, there are tons of ways on the net to make a few extra bucks each month.

A few ideas are as follows:

These are just a few of the many ways you can make some money on the net, some are better than others, and the choice is up to you. But whemoneyn you find a way to make some money, simply take whatever you make and split it in 2 or 3. Depending on how much it is that you make, split it accordingly.

So if you make 50 bucks for the month, take 25 and put it in an account that you WON’T touch, and then take 25 and either put it in a rainy day fund or keep it for you. This is a low ball figure, but you can get where I’m going with this.

The key is to stay consistent with your efforts, at my highest point I have made around 4 grand in a month off of my net based work. I took 3 grand and put it away in a bank account for the future. Last year I ended up with wayyyyy more money than I thought I would in that account, and guess how much of my OWN money, well it’s all my money, but the money that I get in my paycheck I pulled out?


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