5 Things That Are a Waste Of Money, And Simple Effective Solutions to Save Money!

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We all spend money from time to time on things we know for a fact is a waste of money. Yet we still proceed to spend large amounts of money on these various items.  If we were to sit back and think about how much money we actually spend on these items, it may surprise you. Most people are worried about how much money they have, especially if they are living pay check to pay check.  Yet we still waste money on the little things that add up in the end.

Why do we continue to spend money on the little things that we know are a waste of money? Well I’m here to tell you there are a few reasons why, and I’m also here to tell you what some of these money wasters are, and how you can save a little bit of extra cash each month. 


1. Coffee/Lattes

Places like Starbucks are capitalizing off of selling expensive coffees and drinks of that nature. A drink may cost you anywhere from 3 to 6 dollars, depending on what you want, and how you want it made.

Now some of you may purchase 2 to 3 drinks daily, depending on your location, how much you like it, and other various factors.  I don’t even have to do the math to show you how much you can save by not purchasing so much of these little drinks.

 The reason why they are so popular is because of the “convenience” factor.  It’s much easier for people to go to a coffee shop before they go to work, and pmeme 3ick one up. The problem is the drinks can end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Solution-   Get up a little bit earlier and make your own pot of coffee. I know a few people who argue against this, reason being is because they say a good coffee maker is expensive. So by buying 2 cups of coffee at an average of 3-6 dollars isn’t expensive after a while? You’re better off buying a good coffee maker and some good coffee and going that route.


2. Bottled Water

Now I’m guilty of this just as much as everyone else is, but in a last few years I’ve found ways to save from NOT buying bottled water. We spend way too much money as a whole on bottled water, the thing that gets me is some of these waters bottles. They make all of these claims, and when it comes down it, it’s just still water. The only thing you’re paying extra for is the fancy bottle and the name that is on the side of the bottle.

Solution- Get water filter in a pitcher size, or get one of those small filters that fits around your bottles. By doing so you eliminate the need to spend a $1.50 to $3.00, depending on where you are at per bottle. Stop believing all the claims that this water is better for you then that water. Just get a filter and use that, you’ll be surprised how much you will end up saving in the long run.


3. Ringtones

 Whoever came up with this idea was a genius, whoever buys these is well, ok you get the point, and I’m guilty of this just like everyone else. Just because you love money meme 2a song, doesn’t mean the rest of the world does, nor do they want to hear it every 5 seconds. Some songs aren’t appropriate for most audiences, let alone appropriate to be put as a ring tone. You’re spending 2 to 3 dollars a pop on these things, and while you get a few seconds of joy, after 30 or so rings you end up hating that song and moving to the next ring.

Solution – Just use the ringtone that is on the phone, you’ll end up saving a few extra bucks, and sometimes companies offer free ringtones, be sure to utilize those.  You can also record your own voice and make your own ringtone. Another alternative is to keep the phone on vibrate, but in the end the ultimate choice is up to you. If you’re buying a ringtone every 6 months or so, ok, that’s not going to drain your wallet, but if you’re buying one every few days, then soon or later you’ll start feeling an impact.


4. Newsstand Magazines

How many of us buy these things on a regular? Ok, probably not many people outside of the cities, but even then you can purchase them in gas stations, so it’s practically the same thing. The problem here lies is that that most people buy these to find out what’s going on with celebrities. Now my problem is this, do you think the celebrities give a rat’s ass about you or I? 

The other problem is this, how many of us actually read the entire magazine? Most of the magazines are filled with filler ads enticing us to buy something else we really don’t need. We pick up one to fill sometime in our day, we spend up to 5 dollars and read a little bit, then put it down for good. This habit can get expensive if you’re constantly buying these things.

Solution – Buy a book instead, get something that will really stimulate the mind and last you a lot longer. Books encourage growth, not reading about what your favorite star did last night at a bar.  Books last you much longer, and when you’re done with a book, you can also resell it to someone or a store.


5.  Dry Cleaningmoney meme 1

 Dry cleaning is thought to be awesome for you clothes, but in all reality it’s a risky endeavor. The process can actually damage your clothes, let alone they could lose your clothes in the piles of madness that accumulates at these places. A 40 dollar sweater can end up co  sting you several hundreds because of dry cleaning maintence.

Solution- Check out what the tag of the clothing item says and follow as directed. Choose hand washing with a mild soap or cool water. If you have something delicate that you want to keep nice, wash it in this manner then once it’s done you can also iron your clothing to get out the wrinkles. Another viable option is to buy clothes that don’t require to be dry cleaned!





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