Simple Ways To Alleviate That Unwanted Stress!

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 You get to work and as soon as you walk in the door a disgruntled employee opens up on you. You try to calm him/her down and find out what is bothering them, only to get put down in the process for something you have no idea about. Then you walk into your office only to get blasted with more nonsense that isn’t your fault. You walk away in a bad mood, only for others to subtle put you down and snicker as you walk away. The day keeps going down the same path as you continue to work. People keep throwing their responsibilities and problems at you and finally by the end of the work day you just can’t take it. You leave and feel a bit relieved only to face the angry drivers on your way home. You get cut off and someone throws you the finger because your not going fast enough. You get home only to be greeted by an onslaught of bills and bad news in the mail. You try to keep a cool head but by this time your about to explode, then your realize it is getting late and you have to go to bed soon to repeat the same madness.


For many of us this is daily occurrence, the overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction and anger. Most of us keep it bottled inside and take it out on the wrong people. Our family life suffers because of it, our social life becomes non-existent, and ultimately we become a bitter, mad, negative person. We let those around us who are these types drag us down the hole of crap with them. It has been said misery loves company, and for many of us who go through this on a daily basis, we know that this statement couldn’t be anything more then the truth!

So how do we do we avoid it?
Well for starters you could get a new job! Yeah right, that is not as easy as it sounds in this day and age. Honestly we can take simple steps of avoiding some of the problems. For instance, you can avoid any workplace drama by not partaking in any conversations that promote it. If you do so be sure to get ready for a backlash of talk your way in the future. Chances are if you are in a circle of gossiping people at you work, they probably are doing the same thing behind your back. So go to work with the intent of doing just that, WORKING! You can be civil with these people and not totally avoid them, just don’t get to chummy with them. Avoid interaction with people you don’t like outside of your job. Leave the workplace functions and after work get together s to the people who enjoy drama and the negativity. If you do have a good friend by all means stay good friends, but leave those who like to talk out of your group.

The next thing you can do is to take baby steps to get out of your job all together. Yeah i have heard time and time again that it is to hard, and this and that. But you must always remember 1 one thing, nothing is impossible and if you want to work for yourself or want to do something different, then just do it! Take baby steps towards the things you want to work at, and eventually you will be able to do what you want, when you want! Stop anything work related when you get home, leave it off your social media and things like that. If not, the thought of all your stresses will come back and you will stay in the dumps. When driving play music that motivates you and focus on the road, dont focus on the moron riding your tail. Chances are if you complete ignore them they will end up doing 2 things. Going around you, or getting pulled over for tailing you. Either way just breathe, focus on your drive and on your music and enjoy the scenery around you.

Remember that work place related problems should stay at work. Never make anything personal, when you leave the pit leave all your emotions and problems that involve it at your job. At the end of the day a job is just a job and that is it. We are not defined by a job or a boss, if they are crappy with you, just let it go. Chances are they are miserable all the time and feel like they can just take it on you.

Steps to increase positivity
One of the things that i do daily is something called “Auto Suggestion”. What it is , is simply telling yourself a statement over and over. By doing so subconsciously you are building a new persona, or a identity. You will eventually believe what you telling yourself is true about yourself. So say i will not let anyone get me down, or i am a champion and i will succeed. By doing so your energy level will be way beyond all those crackpots that try to get you down daily.

Watch motivational videos, listen to inspiring music and read positive things. Try to stay away from newspapers and the commercial media, all they do is throw negativity out at people. They never really give anything of value, so why even waste your time learning about things that pretty much never relate to you in the first place. Watch things that will motivate you to act in a positive manner. Read things that will help you grow as a person and listen to things that will keep you smiling and feeling upbeat.

Start exercising, i know i did and helped me out a lot. I started working out as a stress reliever and became addicted to it. Anytime someone makes me real mad i leave the room and go somewhere i can do 50 pushups in a row. When i am finished the anger usually subsides and i feel refreshed. A daily fitness regimen will keep you feeling good and put you back in shape.


 A good video i found to help you relieve some stress…


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