5 Ways To Kick Ass In Anything That You Do In 2015

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5 ways to kick ass in anything that you do in 2015

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The New Year is almost here, and with that being said, so comes forth the barrage of New Year’s resolutions. This is the time of the year that everyone, or what it seems like everyone on the planet is focusing on.  Everyone wants to make a change for the better, they want to start making more money, lose weight, get fit, eat better, stop a bad habit, and the list goes on.

But how many of those people ACTUALLY go all the way with their resolutions?

How many people actually keep up with their efforts after a few weeks in?

I bet not many at all… Why is this?

Good question, there’s a ton of reasons we can give to one another, but what it all boils down to is this.


Habits are hard to kill, especially the bad ones, we all have them and some of us simply can’t get rid of them. Now if you’re trying to lose weight or get more money, you know how easy it is for a bad habit to destroy your plans. You can plan ALL DAY LONG, but then when it comes down to sticking to the your plans you simply can’t do it. The reason being is that it’s easier to do what you’re used to than do something that isn’t familiar, this is because of RESISTANCE.

We’re more comfortable in doing something that’s familiar than trying to do something that takes work. Work takes effort and most of the time we don’t

Insearch4success.com want to put effort even if it means creating a better future for ourselves and those around us.

Funny when you really think about it isn’t it?

So enough of the rambling, what are the 5 ways to kick ass in anything that you do in 2015?


Whether it be losing weight, building muscle, earning more money, becoming more positive, etc. The thing that you have to do is TAKE ACTION. If you look back on this year and what you did, I bet you the one thing you can say that you needed to improve on was what? Taking MORE ACTION!!!

So I don’t care if you’re a newbie at something, or you have no clue what you’re doing. Get started by taking some action, even if it’s a little action, that little amount will wipe away the resistance that’s naturally there. Then curiosity will start to kick in and you’ll go into full drive mode.

Don’t go crazy at first unless you know what you’re doing, but act on whatever it is that you want to do and DON’T wait until the New Year, do it now!


Don’t go 1000 miles an hour right off the gate, even the best Nascar and Formula 1 drivers didn’t start off going 200 mph right off the bat. You have to practice taking small steps, eventually the small steps will lead into big success. Even if you don’t see any distance covered you will still have coveredshareasimage (3) some ground. Always remember the story of the tortoise and the hare!


When I speak of this, I’m speaking about finding ways that help YOU to stay motivated. Now it’s really easy to stay unmotivated and depressed, the reason being is obvious. If you turn on the television all  you see are things that are negative. If you listen to others, more negativity comes out of them. So you have to find ways to stay motivated.

This is detrimental to your success, one way I do this is by listening to various speeches or video’s on YouTube each morning to get me going. It helps me stay centered an focused on what I have to do. Another way is motivational pictures and sayings, and last but not least is by wearing motivational things. I look at myself in the mirror and get motivated when I do this, especially when I’m feeling down.

A good example of that is in this shirt

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Now I know a lot of people talk about goals and you’ve heard it over and over again. But what you don’t hear is that the small goals are what’s going to getyou to the big ones. Everyone focuses on the big ones and the small ones.  When you’re playing football and you have 95 yards to go, we all want to go for the big bomb and score on one play, but the defense isn’t going to allow that, so what do we do?

We play smart and aggressive and accumulate as many yards as we can in the process. Even if it means getting 2 or 3 yards in a play, as long as we get those yards and get that first down before our 4 plays are up, then nothing else matters. No one cares about how many plays it took to get in the in zone, all they look at is if you DID get there.

Same can be said for any goal you want to smash, celebrate the small ones in order to achieve the big ones…. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!


What I mean by this is don’t tackle something for someone else. Whatever it is that you’re trying to do make sure that you do it for yourself. It may benefit others in the long run, but if you do it solely for them, than most of the time you won’t get very far. The thing is that you may get mad at someone, or you may get rid of them, things happen and plans change. But on the flip side of things is that you won’t get rid of yourself, and even if you’re mad at yourself, you have to live with yourself. You can’t just run from yourself and in the process try to work on something else. So you have to be real with you and do what’s right for you, if you do this you will stick to your plans!

Hopefully these tips helped you out, stay on track and stay motivated! 2015 will you be your year!

Much success!















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