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7 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Workout


Unless you just started working out or are still relatively new, chances are you’ve felt like quitting…..

It happens even to the best of us, it’s a normal thing!

 Maybe you’ve been working out for the last few months and haven’t seen any results, or the exact results you expected to see. Maybe those around you have finally gotten to you, and the stress may seem like it’s a bit too much.

Whatever the case may be, just know that you can get around those barriers with a few strategies.

Here are a few tips that helped me as well as others I know out.


In my opinion this is the holy grail of motivation. If you have a strong playlist that can keep you pumped up through your workout, then chances are your workout will be monstrous.  Keep your playlist fresh, and keep it HARD!

What I mean by hard is this, if you're listening to some fluffy pop crap top 40’s stuff that you don’t relaly like, chances are your motivation is going to be sub par. Now if that’s what gets you pumped up, then by all means go at it. But, most of the people I know get motivated by songs that aren’t played on the radio.

Play songs that speak directly to you, what I mean is, play, songs that seem like they're talking to you and only you. You can also play inspirational speeches and things of that nature.  Basically play anything that gets you going! 


Quotes and pictures

Alot of  people say this takes too much damn time to implement. But if you want to stay motivated and you do this right, you’ll see results in how it affects your mood. They key too this is to place pictures and quotes that have a personal effect on you, in places that you will see them.

If you put something in your spare bathroom and go in there 2 times a month, then you are defeating the purpose. Put a picture or a quote on your phone, or put it in your car next to your steering wheel. The quote or picture HAS to be something that really makes you think.

 It has to give you those butterflies; it has too propel you into creating action. If not, you will be wasting your time and there will be no point too this at all. 

Videos and speeches

This is along the lines as quotes and pictures. In this day and age we all have smart phones. Well, not all of us, I’m  still sporting  the 1990’s Zac Morris flip phone because I’m clumsy . If you do have a smartphone, then you have access to the net.

 A good strategy would be too watch a motivational video on youtube. There are tons of them out there, so don’t give me the excuse that you can’t find them. Watch them prior to your workout, and believe me, some will have an immense effect on your motivation.

 Speeches are great too get you pumped up, depending on who is delivering the speech that is.  There are many great speeches that will get you pumped up and ready to lift.

Another way that relates too this is too Video tape yourself. Don’t do it when you are depressed and down. Why, because frankly your video will suck. Plus chances are you’ll  be pissed off more than anything. Record it when you are your highest, maybe after a great workout. Highlight your key points, and your goals, that way you can watch it when you're down and don’t want to work out.  



Track Your Progress 

Writing down your goals everyday can be a good way to keep you aiming towards that finish line. Some of us are too lazy to write stuff down, so you can also video log your goals daily. By doing so you can see where you were, and where you want to go. You can see your progress much better on paper and video, then you can by just looking at yourself.   

Get a partner

Many of my friends as well as others recommend this. I on the other hand have mixed opinions about this. My thing is this, you’re different 34010878from everyone else, and you and goals will be totally different from the next person. So my personal preference is to lift alone, it’s the only way I know how to grow beyond my goals.

I like to lift with someone else to get a spot, or share knowledge with one another every now and then. But too lift with someone on a regular just isn’t my thing. The benefit of lifting with someone is that you can go MUCH harder than you can alone.

Why? Because you will have someone to spot you on the heavy lifts. They will also push you much further than you would if you were alone. For me this is where the music comes into play. Music pushes me that extra mile and I supplement the super heavy lifts with calisthenics.  

Switch it up

Doing the same damn routine over and over can get really boring after a while. So it’s necessary to keep your routine fresh, and up to date. This way you won't hit any plateaus in your gains or in your motivation.

Test methods outs and see what works for you. As soon as you find what works for you, your motivation will jump through the roof! Keep switching till you find something that works, and remember “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! 

new pic


Take some time off

Yeah this is the one that most of us dread,I hate taking time off, as do many of you. But, we all have to take some breaks to recuperate. We may not want to take time off, but our body may want too. So listen to your body and if it is telling you too take some time off don’t neglect it. Take a week or 2 maximum.

Hopefully these tips are good enough to keep you going. Remember to take it easy and take it step by step. Don't try to jump from 13 inch arms to 20 in a matter of months. Have fun, be safe and keep at it.


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