Why Do Most People Fail And Never Try Again? Good Question, Join Me On The Journey To The Answer

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 Usually this topic is written about by people who have reached the level of success they have been striving for. But in this case I am writing it from the point of view of someone who has failed multiple times.

 Now why do I call myself a failure? There are certain facets in my life that I have continuously tried to re-vamp and create some level of success.  Each time I fall flat on my face and have done nothing but wonder and wallow in my own self pity. So am i failure in every facet in life? No, but i am in a few, so until i create that success, I am a failure.

Why is this? Why do I continue to fail, and why do I continue to wonder.  For this is the very reason I have decided to tackle this problem. Hopefully in doing so, some of you who are in a similar position can get a better understanding of where you are at, and were you want to go.

   Failure, each one of us has our own clear cut definition of what failure is to us. Some of us see it as a stepping stone, or a learning curve. Others of us see it as a train wreck that means the end of something. Optimists see it as something to learn and grow from.

Pessimists see it as the end plain and simple, game over, time to try something new.  So let’s cut to the chase and look at why most of us fail.

The first reason why most of us fail is this. We share our ideas, plans, goals with others, and those people usually put them down. Now do you think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others like them had people put them down in the beginning phase of their companies? I can guarantee they did, but they kept fighting on, never surrendering to the bullshit. My biggest flaw is in this very notion, I quit to damn easily.  I am sure many of you have the same damn flaw, yet we continue to do the same things over and over.

We get discouraged and think that a fight won't be worth the effort. So why battle the majority when you can just give up and try something else. Well, that kinda mind frame has kept me in the same situation almost my whole life. We all must remember that misery loves company. When someone else is having a crappy day, what do you think they do? They share their happy day with everyone else, making everyone feel great! Yeah right, we all here it day in and day out. The constant complaining, the bickering and whining. What does that do to our own personal moods?
Another reason we fail is because when we try, we fall and we forget to get back up and try again. We beat ourselves up and never really regroup and plan around what we did wrong. We just keep beating the crap out of ourselves until we flat out give up.  Does this sound familiar? I know it does to me, because this is exactly what i do each
and every time i try something. I could keep going on with scenarios and examples, but I'm sure each of you gets the point.

This is something that I am working on. The main thing you have to do is to find something that you will be excited about. Something that will make you want to change.

For instance, I have made major strides by using  fitness as my catalyst. I have dropped over 50 pounds and added a bunch of muscle and size. The way i started was by taking baby steps. I planned out what I wanted most first. I wanted to lose weight and not feel like a overweight slob anymore. So I started out by creating a game plan. A few short term and long term goals. I created 2 outlets,

just in case I felt like quitting, or didn't see any results. I overloaded my bedroom, office, work space etc, with positive quotes and pictures. I kept using affirmations and kept visualizing how i wanted to look. With hard work those visualizations have become a reality. With time those results will prove real in my money endeavors. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for part 2….

Hopefully some of these tips will help you out, if you have any that have worked for you, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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