Boost Your Workout Results With Herbs| (Milk Thistle,White Willow Bark,Schisandra)

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In the first post I spoke on 3 herbs that will help you too excell your workouts, without the need of taking  some chemical induced crap. As we all know, some of the stuff that they sell in stores can be potentially harmful. Be aware that even herbs can be harmful as well if you utilize them in a the wrong manner. Also be aware that “more” is not better  when you're  taking  supplements, please take them in moderation.


Just because your friend is taking 10 pills over the suggested dose, because he “heard” it increases your gains even more isn’t a smart way to go. I see way too many people taking “ TOO MUCH”  of one product just because they have heard or think it will benefit them even more. The plain and simple truth is this, supplements are exactly what they are, “supplements”. They supplement the nutrition and workout progression to further increase growth. Food, water, rest and a hard  workout is where you're going to get you the gains you desire  .


With that being said here are 3 herbs that can help you out too get too where you want to be at. The first I will be introducing you too is Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle


Most of you whom have been lifting for awhile now have probably taken a few store bought supplements in the past. Most of them have probably been junk, and the only gains you've gotten from them have been from the hard work you put in while taking them. The problem is some of these products file5411309849793


can be hard on your Liver. Milk Thistle is great for this very reason, what it does is it helps to detoxify the liver and helps create new cell growth, replacing those destroyed by over the counter supplements, steroids, alcohol, pollutants and other things we put in our body.


Studies have shown that athletes who supplement with Milk Thistle not only perform better, but feel better in general after sometime. Milk thistle also helps promote quicker recuperation, and less problems with fatigue and soreness. It’s a good idea to cycle off some of the supplements and get on some Milk Thistle for a while.  


Side effects


Its good to cycle on and off of Milk Thistle, the reason being is that since its really high in antioxidants. Remember too much of anything can be a bad thing, so cycle on and off of it too allow your body to recuperate naturally after supplementing with it. If you take too much of it too fast, it may result in nausea, headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. No serious side effects have been shown from supplementing with Milk Thistle. Remember to take as RECOMMENDED, do not try to take more to increase the potency. Common dosages are 300 to 600 milligrams per day.



This herb is native to East Siberia, China, Korea and Japan. It has been classified as adaptogen, and can effectively boost your metabolism in as little as one dose. An Adaptogen is something that helps to naturally increase resistance against, fatigue, stress, disease and boost mental and physical performance.  It has also been utilized to help with depression, anxiety, weakness, headaches and many other ailments.Shisandra Berry


The main reason you should take this is because studies have shown that it helps too majorly boost your central nervous system. The end result from that would be that it helps to increase your overall mental and physical capacity, leading to greater workouts and better overall performance. This is also one of the main ingredients in a popular substance called Jack3d. It can also help to improve liver function, making your workouts even more effective as well as your overall health. By supplementing strictly with this you can bypass all of the harmful ingredients placed within some of the popular over the counter supplements. Not only that, but it can also be much more cost effective.

Side effects


When taken properly as suggested, the side effects are very minimal to none at all. If you take too much or take it too long, the side effects can cause upset stomach, rashes, loss of appetite, and headaches. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and follow up with a nutritionist before hand if you suffer from pre existing conditions.


White Willow Bark


White Willow Barks key component is Salicin, which is also the active key ingredient in aspirin. It is known for its pain relieving benefits which can benefit those who work out greatly. As most of you know, the problem with Aspirin is its ability of messing up your stomach causing various

White Willow Bark

ailments and problems. This is due to the fact that scientist convert the salicyl acid into the pill form which causes major problems. White Willow Bark already has it in it, therefore eliminating the harmful side effects that are caused by aspirin and other over the counter medicines. White Willow bark is also helpful to aid in digestion problems, which many supplements can cause. Willow Bark also counteracts the effects meany chemicals cause like Arthritis and migraines. Willow bark helps to neutralize the chemicals therefore decreasing your chances of developing Arthritis and having migraines.

Side effects


No long term side effects have been known from using Willow Bark, but some people have complained of stomach aches  due to using it for extend periods. Its a good idea to cycle on and off of it, just like any other herb or product that you may be taking.





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