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The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar 

Contrary to what some believe, the use of apple cider vinegar isn’t a new age health thing at all. It’s actually been around for centuries, and people have been using apple cider vinegar for its health benefits and for food purposes all this time.

Here’s an interesting fact….

Hippocrates, the man some consider to be the father of modern medicine used vinegar mixed with honey as a natural energy supplement and as a means of a healing elixir.file000478110131

How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Made?

Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural product, it’s not chemically manufactured or saturated with different chemical like many other products are. Apple cider vinegar is created when apples ferment into hard apple cider. It then goes through a second fermentation process which creates the apple cider vinegar. The process doesn’t mess up the nutrients that are already found in the apple. But what it does doe is that it fortifies with extra acids and enzymes through the 2 fermentation processes.The entire sum of all these process is what makes this fortified health substance awesome for a plentiful array of problems and ailments.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Me?

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for an array of  different problems internally and externally. It’s great for sun burns and nasty insect bites, and it’s also awesome for skin problems, and hair problems like dandruff and dry scalp.

There are numerous other benefits that apple cider can help our bodies with. Here are a few different things that it can help with in your everyday life.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss  

Most of the time you’ll see different types of products that claim to have apple cider vinegar in them. You have to be careful because what they put in them are just trace amounts. These amounts most of the time aren’t high enough to play an important role in your weight loss efforts.

 But by supplementing with real apple cider vinegar, it can help to boost your metabolism and help you to digest your food easier. Meaning you won’t be storing as much fat as you would without it.

The main reason people lose weight on apple cider vinegar is still unknown. Many scientists speculate the reasons behind the reason with different theories. While there hasn’t been a solid reason WHY, what is known is that it does help to lose weight. Now you have practice moderation and take it as suggested. Just because it can help you lose weight doesn’t mean you should overdo it.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Recipes

Apple cider vinegar is very versatile as a cooking ingredient. It has a rather tangy taste and can be added to drinks and also can help to flavor a ton of different foods. Did you know that it’s one of the major ingredients in most condiments?


 Mayo, and ketchup alone account for more than 10 percent of all apple cider vinegar production in the U.S. alone. I bet the next time you stare at a condiment, you’ll remember this post!

(source) REFINERY29.COM >>

Apple Cider Vinegar As a House Hold Cleaner

Recently, people have been throwing out their chemical induced products and replacing them with all natural products like a.c.v. It’s non-toxic and can be used as a deodorizer or a disinfectant. It’s a great product to use when you have young children and pets.

As we all know children like to put things in their mouths, as do pets like to chew on things. So when you use products that have chemicals, we run the risk of them consuming these harmful chemicals. Well, since apple cider vinegar is all natural and is actually good for you, this is the better choice, not to mention it will save you some money.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Apple Cider Vinegar To Get?

You have to be aware of the product that you get. The reason being is that many of the commercial apple cider vinegar products have been pasteurized, refined, filtered, or messed with in some kind of way. The problem is that when they do this, they mess up a ton of the natural health benefits found within it. The best kind to get is the one from cold pressed, organically grown whole apples. Make sure it contains the “mother of vinegar”. The mother is a natural gelatinous substance formed in the last stage of fermentation.

For more information on apple cider vinegar check out the video below!




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