Why Eating Is Vital To Your Diet | Eating To Lose Weight part 1

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Why You Should Eat To Lose Weight why you should eat to lose weight!


Popular to contrary belief, what most people believe is that you shouldn’t eat much food at all when you’re trying to lose weight. Everyone’s busy with trying to eliminate food from their diets, instead of looking for and questioning what are best foods to eat to lose weight.


Some diets leave you feeling empty and craving more food, you eat the recommended amount and then scramble around for more food to eat. Instead of thinking about what are the best foods to lose weight are, we grab whatever we can in hopes that it’s not going to ruin our efforts.


For thousands and thousands of years our ancestors didn’t have fitness calculators or went by how many carbs and calories they should eat on a regular basis. They ate according to how their body felt, if the body required food, it would tell them. In this day and age we simply overeat too much. We associate depression or boredom with food. And with so many good foods that are actually bad for us out there, it’s hard too stay on the clean side of the food regimen.


Getting to know your hormones


It’s vitally important to understand what’s going on in your body too understand how to effectively lose weight. For one, taking in a little

why you should eat to lose weight

bit of fat is actually good for you! How so? Fat actually produces a chemical signal in your blood that tells you when your body has had enough. By not eating and overeating you disrupt the natural system that has been set in place by your body. The signal helps to CURB your appetite by producing a protein called LEPTIN. It helps to send signals to your brain that tells you had enough. By doing so you body will process the foods that’s in there and will help you too stay at the weight you are at.


Now when you’re hungry your body produces a hormone called Ghrelin, this is the hormone that triggers your hunger pains and makes you want to eat a lot. So when you diet and do extreme diets your body goes on overdrive with GHRELIN, making it that much more difficult to lose weight. So in turn you’re pretty much fighting your own body's biological clock by extreme dieting. Another thing you should totally avoid too kick your LEPTIN levels up is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN


SYRUP, the artificial sweetener found in a bunch of foods. It’s extremely bad for you and it also destroys that protein, making you feel hungry more frequently.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, but this gives you an idea WHY it’s important to find foods that can help you lose weight, instead of not eating to lose weight.




People think that everything you eat is going to be digested properly and that all you need to watch is your calories and fat, that’s not true. Everything has the potential to be stored as fat if the body doesn’t use it for energy.


So here are a few things that you need to become familiar with-




There are good and bad fats, the bad fats are the ones that actually increase your inflammatory response, therefore creating a whole world of problems and increased weight gain. Now you have GOOD FATS like nuts and fish that actually DECREASE the inflammatory response within the body. Fat is great when used as an energy source, if you body has depleted all of its carbs, then it moves on to the fat on the muscles!




It’s great if you’re going to use it for energy, if you work out or are very active then it will help to fuel your muscles, but if you take protein and don’t do anything, guess what's going too happen too that protein? It’s going to get stored as fat!




why you should eat to lose weight

They take much longer to digest than protein does, but the problem is if you’re body doesn’t need the energy than it will store them as fats, not good for weight loss!




These are the sugars you find in sodas and different fruit drinks. If the body doesn’t need energy these produce right away, then it’s autmatically stored as fat, this is why most people can’t lose weight who are heavy soda drinkers.


As a rule of thumb don’t ingest anything that has any of the following,  SIMPLE SUGARS, ENRICHED or BLEACHED FLOUR,  SYRUPS OF ANY KIND, SATURATED FATS, or TRANS FATS… These all will help you too gain negative weight, and this isn’t why we’re here.


Stay tuned for the next part of this post, I will explain how too get around the hunger and give you simple tips that can help you too stay fit, and lose weight much more effectively.






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