4 Ways To Take Your Training To The Next Level, Learn How To Get Real Results Fast!

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So you’re at a point in time where you feel like your training isn’t brining you the results it once did.  You feel like you’re doing enough, but deep inside you feel like there’s just something missing. Maybe it’s time you take you training to the next level?34003033

How many of you have felt like that? You train hard for months on end, get some results, but then slowly plateau and ultimately fall off little by little. For some of us, this problem can lead to either quitting all together, or getting lazy and not working out as much as we once did.


I wish I could say that the answer is an easy one, but in reality only YOU can push yourself to get to the next level. There are many angles of advice and solutions we can take on, but ultimately if we don’t put in the work to get us off the platform, then all the advice in the world won’t help out one bit.



In order to get to the next level, you have to sit back and come to terms with your current training conditions, regimens, supplements, and most importantly MINDSTATE!  Where are you at with your training mentally? Are you looking for an easy angel to propel you to the next level, or are you serious about all aspects in your training and constantly pushing yourself mentally to reach that next level?

If you’re struggling mentally, chances are you can use some improvement in the mental game. A few ways to do this is to create what I like to call “10 yard goals”. What a 10 yard goal is this; it’s a small goal that you will be shooting for, something like a few weeks, or a month down the line. Make the goal REALISITIC and do all the necessary planning AHEAD of time, way before even embark on the goal. The goal could be to put up 20 pounds more onsuccess-and-failure-sign-e1288836579720 something, or to lose 5-10 pounds. Make your ambition towards reaching this goal a vicious one. By the time you end up hitting the goal, you will already have started the process of getting to the next level.

Another way to “mentally” get on track is this, USE NEGATIVE MOTIVATION!

We all have co-workers, friends, family, enemies and so on that makes us feel like crap from time to time. You know the guy who walks up to you and asks “hey bud, have you been in the gym lately, you look like royal junk”. The saddest part is that this guy looks like a complete moron, and he’s putting you down. Use this kind of negativity to spark positive growth. If this becomes the foundation for your action, believe me you will want to succeed in ways you never knew you could in the past!



If you’ve been eating like crap lately, face the facts and clean up your food regimen. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of revamping your food intake to get off your plateau. Now sleep, if you’re sleeping a few hours a night, well umm, yeah….. GET MORE SLEEP DAMMIT!  You need to at least get 6-8 hours of sleep. If you’re not training for a few days you should STILL get some good quality sleep. Don’t use excuses to justify the cause of you not getting enough sleep.



If you’re one of those people that has been doing the same workout day in and day out for the last 3 years, then it’s time for you to redo your workout a bit. Doing the same thing over and over will not help you out after a while.  Your body is going to get use to the same repetitive movements, and eventually you’re going to run into the plateauville. 


  1. Get a supplement that can help

Sometimes we need something to effectively get us off our plateaus effectively and that by purchasing a weight loss supplement. An effective supplement th_no-excusescan help us to get off the ground floor and on to some serious weight loss. We must also need to remember that a supplement must be utilized by accompanying it alongside a workout plan. Make sure the product you get does at least 3 things.

  1. Reduces appetiteThis is vital to your success, I know because it was my ultimate problem when I struggled with weight loss. Simply put, if you’re not hungry, you’re not going to want to eat. So by not eating when you shouldn’t, you’ll slowly begin to lose weight. Stack that up with some exercise, and you will begin your descent down the weight loss slide into successville!


  1. Stimulates metabolism You want a product that can effectively stimulate your metabolism, that way, when you begin to workout, you’ll lose weight and feel great in no time at all.


  1. Promotes fat metabolization Some people will probably look at this and think “why this of all things,” well I’m here to tell you this. This 3rd thing in conjunction with the other 2 I just previously spoke about are like dominos falling down in a pattern. By reducing your appetite, and stimulating your metabolism, you’re already going to have more energy and motivation to get the job done. When the fat metabolizes quicker, that means you’re going to lose weight much faster and more effectively. 

Now there are many other variables, but these 3 are what I deem as very important in your weight loss supplement. Be sure to add a good exercise routine, alongside adequate eating and proper water intake, and never neglect sleep, your body needs to rest so get some good sleep.

If you need help with any more tips or questions, feel free to leave a comment. Also the following product is excellent and has all 3 of the benefits plus many more that are important for adequate and effective weight loss.

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