Getting What You Want & Deserve In Life

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What do you truly want out of life?

Well, my guess would be most of you are striving for success or happiness, am I right? I'm not saying everyone wants one of those thing, but if you are visiting this website you must of at LEAST been brought in by the term "success."


How do you define success?


Is it money?


Material items?



 What would REALLY make you happy?

I read this interesting article the other day, it was titled "10 Millionaires Who Committed Suicide." What? Seriously? Why would a millionaire, someone who already has it all, commit suicide?




Most people tend to think money and material goods are what will bring them happiness. But I tend to think that if you are unhappy without the money, then more then likely you will be unhappy even WITH the money.


Life is what you MAKE IT. If you can't make yourself happy without the material goods, you will never BE happy….



Ever heard the term "The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of what they have." I find that to be so true. You must be grateful for what you have before you can actract something BETTER into your life. Money will never buy you happiness, and if it does, it's only temporary, it won't last rememeber that!




Now that's a powerful word, but very few people know the true power behind it. Most people go through out their days complaining, they complain about the most random things, food, weather,fianances, etc.


What people don't realize is that their words are powerful. Their complaints are only doing one thing, bringing negative things towards them not positive ones…


It doesn't help any to complain…… It makes situations worse.



When I realized how powerful it was to be grateful everyday, the way I looked at life changed. It's not an easy task by any means, not something you can just do over-night. It takes baby steps, just like any life lesson. I started by complaining less and less every day, and trust me it wasn't easy at all.

When I get stuck in traffic, instead of getting flustered and looking at the time, I take a few deep breaths and start thinking how thankful I am for the car I am driving in at that moment.


Many people don’t have the luxury of owning a vehicle! Be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for the little things, and when the big things come, they'll seem so much better!


When my child is being a child, I take a few deep breaths and start thinking how thankful I am for the fact he is a healthy little boy.


Many people do not have that luxury.It's little things that can change your life. You do not have to do these exact things I just stated, and you will have different things to be thankful for.



You can be thankful that you’re on this very computer you are on reading this post. You can be thankful for the fact you are breathing and alive. You can be thankful for the roof over your head. You can be thankful for your children or whatever it may be.


I suggest you find your own ways to be thankful daily. But it is a daily task, not a every now and then! Make it a priority, this is the true way to start  changing your life.



Marinate on that for awhile!

Much success


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