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We felt as if there weren’t enough conventional supplement alternatives and information in one place. So we decided to write on them in a series of blogs, so what you will see is a compiled list of herbs and organic ways to naturally get the benefits you want within your workout regimen.



Herbs for pain relief


As an avid fitness fanatic, I know the pains and chronic ailments that come with such a rigorous and fast paced life. Many of us work out at least 3 times a week and partake in sporting activities that can take a toll on our bodies. So we're constantly reaching for medicines,creams, sprays and anything else that will offer us some relief. So with that being said, here are 2 all natural herbs that you can utilize in your journeys.


Arnica (Arnica montana)


 Arnica or as many call it the “Leopards bans”, is a yellow plant that kind of looks like a daisy. The plant blooms around mid to late july, andimages has been utilized for hundreds of years as an a pain reliever. Arnica can be found growing in Siberia and Europe in the mountainous regions. It can also be found growing throughout North America.


Arnica can used to help ailments such as bruising, swelling, inflammation and pain. Arnica is used externally as an ointment and is not suggested to be taken internally. However some say it can be ingested, but most will say not too because it can cause major discomfort and make you vomit, cramp, or have diarrhea.


Arnica can be found in oil, cream, and even sprays, it can also be beneficial for insect bites. It is best to be utilized as a topical cream to help aid in pain relief, and can used in place of conventional over the counter creams. The problem with some of the o.t.c. creams is that many have toxins and poisons that are soaked into the skin and then into the bloodstream. Arnica does not have any chemicals in it, and is very effective for providing immediate relief.


You can find Arnica at any health food store, be sure too buy it from a reputable location. Do not buy it from a dollar store or a store of a similar fashion. Be sure to read the ingredients, some manufacturers place other ingredients too cut down the cost. Do not put it on any sores, rashes, eczema or anything of that nature, it may cause those conditions to worsen if you do so.



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A very Informative video on Arnica


Turmeric is one of the most popular and beneficial herbs that there are. Turmeric is also used in an array of dishes, to spice up food and add some good quality taste. Turmeric is excellent for relief from inflammation, helps speed healing, excellent for colds and flus, and has some awesome antioxidant properties.


studies have shown that Turmeric is excellent for conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Those who supplemented with Turmeric found a significant drop in inflammation and pain allowing them to partake in daily activities. Turmeric is also excellent for those who workout, because of its awesome dgdgspeed healing, anti inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.


Turmeric can be utilized as a  pain medicine alternative. Instead of popping pills everyday, you can supplement with this stuff. Turmeric is also excellent for helping to stabilize fat, which in turn helps those of you who are looking to lose some weight.


There are a ton of other benefits that come with the supplementation of Turmeric. Be sure if you're going to buy Turmeric, get it in an organic form, don’t get the spice at a local grocery store. The problem with some of these spices is that, the companies who make them rarely use more than half of the real Turmeric. They use other herbs that are less costly, but taste and look almost the same. The problem is that you're not going to get the benefits that you're looking for if you do, so purchase Turmeric from a reputable location or website.



A great video on Turmeric I found, check it out!




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