The Lost Keys To Success, A Simple Yet Effective Way To Stay Motivated

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The easiest way to describe the journey to success is like comparing it to the old movie National Lampoons Summer Vacation. If you’ve seen the movie you already know how many challenges they face to get to where they’re going. They run into a barrage of problems, and while it’s a comedy and meant to be funny, it also can teach us something. That no matter how much you prepare for, you’re always going to meet challenges.

Failure after failure after…..

Then eventually it becomes…

Success, failure…success, success, failure and so on. 

But the transition can take a long time for most of us. This is why many of us don't hold out until the end! 

We EXPECT everyone around us to be supporting and caring about our efforts. But then when we start to work on things and we realize that this isn’t the case at all.

WHAT, how so?

We tend to find that our greatest resistance comes  from those that we least expect it too. It comes from those closest to us, those that we care about and those that we deal with on a daily basis. We usually think it will come from those people that are naturally in a bad mood, or like to hate on us, but I found the latter to be true.

How so?

How many times have you tried to go on a diet in the past and someone in your family messes it up by buying something bad for you to eat? They know you’re on your diet and trying to make an honest effort, but yet they entice you with bad things, and while they may not be doing it intentionally, it still messes with you mentally. 

This happens pretty often, especially with friends that aren’t doing the same thing that we’re doing. They ask you to go out to eat and you end up somewhere bad, and in the process you mess up the entire day’s effort. Then the next day comes and you're back at it with them again, while they don’t mean to mess you up, you end up at the starting point as a novice all over again.

So what do we do?

Weighing in on our critical success factors

We need to come to terms with the fact that we AREN’T going to get any help from those around us that aren’t on the same path as we are. Why would they be anyways, they just want to be around you because they like you. Most people don’t like to acknowledge the fact that someone is changing, the reason being is that we are all naturally resistant to change. We don’t like when things change or when people change, because the problem is that when we do change we may look at others differently.

So the first thing that you have to do is come to terms with the fact that you’re on your own. There are people on the similar journey, but you still have to depend on 

One person and one person alone…..




Once you realize this it becomes easier to cope with the problem. You begin to realize that the biggest struggle is within your mind. You have to come to terms with the fact that the greatest resistance is within your own mind.  Once you learn how to combat that problem you can adjust to any challenges that come your way. 

Conquer your needs and you will be successful!

There are a few ways that you can do this, one being self-affirmations. This is when you say things to yourself to reinforce positivity.

You can yell at yourself in the mirror, kind of like a pep talk to yourself. As crazy as it may sound, if you do this enough, you will gain access too different ways of feeling. For instance, it helped me get over some more anxiety issues! 

Tell yourself positive statements, things that can get you going, even recite speeches or famous lines to yourself, it works subconsciously. But the key is to do it over and over, practice patience and persistence with this! 

Negative motivators

Use those harmful things that people say and you hear from certain places and sources. The things that get under your skin,  use that energy in a positive way, through action. Take action on things that you WANT to achieve with this energy. I see it as, taking the dark energy and turning it into light energy, yin and yang. So what you want to do is this, write down 5 things others have said or you’ve heard down on paper. 

Set that list somewhere you can see it, especially in places that you tend to get lazy at. Example, the couch, outdoor chairs, video game rooms, etc. Then have a positive reinforcement statement above it with your current goals, and have a mission statement. Something like I will use this negative nonsense too creative monster growth, I will succeed. 

It helps! 

Another way is to use motivational music and videos. Keep watching them whenever you feel down and they will help to bring you back up! 

Keep faith and stay on track and eventually you will stumble upon success!!!




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