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The mind and the body in my opinion are one as whole. The system functions in unison in order to effectively keep us going. So can a better understanding of it insearch4success.comimprove any of the following?

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • And so on?

YES it can…

However, the argument for and against the notion that the mind and body are connected is still an ongoing debate. Some say the mind and body are one, others say they aren’t connected as one, but connected as separate working units. 

 Some say if isn’t connected then are we really inside of our bodies, and are we in control, or are we just here merely reacting to the situations and circumstance’s that happen to our body?

Good question!

Kind of like a car, we ride in them and use them all of the time. Then when something breaks down we have to get it fixed.  Until it breaks down, we have no real “control” over the circumstances that affect the wear on the car.

Or do we?

 Yes we can take precautionary steps and take care of the car, but sometimes to put plain and simple “shit just happens”.  Then we have to take it into a shop and let someone fix it for us. The same can be said about the human body, some of us take care of our bodies and treat them right, yet they still fall apart for no apparent reason. Then there are others of us that don’t take care of their bodies, and yet they seem to live a full out life.

Interesting how that works right?

So what gives then, are we really in control of our bodies, or is there another force at work? Whatever the case may be the one thing we do know is this. When we really connect our thoughts with our minds, our bodies can react in a miraculous ways.

Think of it this way, when you think about something that pissed you off years back, doesn’t it piss you off now even though it happened years ago?

Your body acts out your thoughts, so if you think about something that makes you mad, how about when you think something that makes you happy? You get energized and smile a lot, you may talk more than you would when you’re mad, and your world seems awesome at that moment in time. But in reality what has changed from the bad thought to the good thought physically in your world? Probably nothing, s

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o we can say that the mind and body connection are everything to us all. Most people will neglect the thought of this due to fear. But if all of us came face to face with this notion, maybe some of the problems in the world would cease to exist.

The Mind Body Connection and Working Out

Most people who work out tend to quit and start up every few months, then repeat the process over and over.  Almost 100 percent of the time it’s because of excuses, the only way it isn’t an excuse is when you’re terminally ill or get paralyzed from the neck down. Any other time it’s an excuse for why we quit and start, quit then start.

 Most of the time is lack of inhibition due to our minds chattering crap at us. Our minds are full of reasons we SHOULDN’T do something, it always opens up when were about to do it. So we make excuses for why we’re not going to do it. It’s always easier to sit and watch TV, then to go for a 10 mile bike ride. The bike ride requires effort, and most of us don’t want to put in the effort.

Yes some of you have families and jobs, but there are people who are insanely fit that both work long and hard hours and have multiple children in their family. So why aren’t they using the same excuses that most others use?

The reason is they shifted their mind state, they’re mentally connected with the thought that they’re in control of what the mind and body connect with, not your little negative voice in your mind. The voice is a natural response to fear, it takes in all the junk that has happened to us and holds us at bay.

The problem is this, fear isn’t real, fear is an illusion that we create in our minds. It holds most of us back from becoming what we want to become. It keeps us in crap jobs, and in monotonous states, so that we live in a constant state of depression.  The key to connecting the mind and body isn’t trying to change externally, but you change it by going internally, into your own mind.

Battle the demons within to change everything externally, because the external change is a temporary. The real battle is fought within the source of the problem, not on the outside. It’s almost like getting a new paint job for your car when the problem is within the engine.

HOW DO WE CHANGE?shareasimage (11)

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time and effort to produce real change.  But like anything else, we have to take certain steps, what I like to call baby steps. Babies just don’t get up and walk, they fall and then get up, and they repeat the process over and over until they are successful. That is the same process that must be taken to complete the change.  

The first step you want to take is to sit down and think to yourself what you really want to change. Is it that you’re a negative person, or is it that yourself confidence gets in your way? Be real with yourself, and come to terms with the things you try to hide away.

Once you do you ready to begin the process, the next step is to get all the materials you need in order to change. Pick up books at the library, get audio books, and get motivational pictures and quotes. Print off quotes and pictures and place them everywhere you go all the time. 

 Make these pictures visible to yourself, and make them a constant reminder of what you want to do, and what you want to become. Stop using excuses to justify your laziness. Make yourself get up and do something, try something new each and every day. Don’t get caught up in the sense where you idol all of the time.

 Keep your brain and body active all of the time. Little by little you will begin change, but one thing you must remember, never regress back to your old self. If you see yourself making some progress, keep the momentum rolling, and don’t stop. If you do stop, getting the momentum back is a hard thing to do.

Just remember to take baby steps but stay consistent, persistence will pay off in the end. As soon as you close the gap between the body and mind, you will notice a difference that will last until your last days on this earth!

until your last days on this earth!

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