Is Your Multivitamin Safe?

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Are multivitamins safe?

It's scary to think that something that we've been taught for so long to be safe could actually harm us. But in recent times this question has been popping up frequently. So how could something that's been designed to HELP US, actually be BAD FOR US?

 I never knew how toxic my vitamins really were until one day I came across an interesting article. The title was “Dangerous Chemicals In Multi-Vitamins” I did my research, turns out many of  our every day normal multi-vitamins are actually harming us!
“How is that even possible?” 
 You could be thinking “Well I never take them anyways, so I am fine.” In many cases that's even worse. Your body NEEDS nourishment, but it needs the RIGHT kind of nourishment.

So how can multivitamins be bad for me?

We  were raised to think that we need multi vitamins in order to get the necessary amounts of minerals and good things that our bodies require. The problem is that the things that they put in these vitamins aren't always as good for us as we think they are.
Half of the U.S population takes a multi vitamin everyday.  The problem is that if we don’t lack vitamins, then we really don’t need to supplement with them at all. That means NO MONEY at all for these big companies, and that spells a problem for those fat cats profiting off off our health. In all honesty vitamins can be  doing more harm than good for you if you are if taken in high doses .
Here are the top 5 vitamins that we SHOULDN'T take if we don't NEED too. 
1. Vitamin B6 –B12-
Yes I know they’re in every energy drink and every type of “health” drink possible, but they can be dangerous if taken in large dosages. One of the main things that can happen by supplementing with to much of them is SEVERE NERVE DAMAGE
What are you serious? Yes I am! 
It's been known that they can cause instability in being able to control your bodily movements! This comes directly from the NIH’s website *!
Very scary stuff when you realze HOW MUCH of these 2 you get on a regular basis if you're an energy drink consumer!

2. Vitamin C
Everyone seems to be taking this in order to stay away from colds and flus. The problem is that there isn't any real scientific proof or evidence that it actually does any of that. Think back to the last time that you were sick and you took a bunch of vitiman C. Can you honestly say that it helped you out? Next time you do get sick or feel sick test this out if you don’t believe me and let me know your results.
The problem with Vitamin C in high dosages is that It can cause some severe kidney problems, and in some cases it causes kidney stones, which for those of you who've suffered from them know that they’re very painful!
3. Vitamin A / Beta Carotene
We've all heard that we should be supplementing with Vitamin A for good health. But the problem is that we may be supplementing with too much Vitamin A. To much of anything can be bad for us, heck if you drink enough water you can actually kill yourself.
So while getting an adequate amount of Vitamin A is good for you, an overabundance  can lead to serious complications and even death. Vitamin A in large amounts is toxic and can play a role in your liver function if you take to much of it. The increased toxicity can destroy your bodies functions ultimately leaving you in either a world of pain or at deaths doorstep.
4. Vitamin Elemon
While many people feel this is debatable, it has been found that even the slightest increase in Vitamin E can be toxic and even fatal in some people. Vitamin E can become toxic in your liver and can cause some serious problems if you already have enough of it in your system. According to the Mayo Clinic they  summarize the evidence this way:
“Evidence suggests that regular use of high-dose vitamin E may increase the risk of death from all causes by a small amount.”
That’s really scary to think about!

5. Multi- Vitamins – zinc, Iron, Magnesium etc.

If you really look at the obvious, how do we even know that any of these supplements benefit us in any kind of way? We know that taking TOO much of something is ultimately bad for us, no matter what it is. So when you’re taking minerals and things of that sort to increase something, than you really have to pay attention what you’re taking.
The reason being is that you’re playing with your life. Some of these supplements that they put in our vitamins aren't necessary if you’re already eating the right kinds of foods. If you drink enough water and get enough sleep, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff unless prescribed by a doctor.

Are there any alternatives to taking multivitamins?

YES, it’s called food! Eating the right foods can help you get all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your body healthy and in working order. There’s no need to add on to it in order to feel better.
If you’re already eating good things and drinking enough water, there’s really no need to further consume more things. Eating things such as Spinach or Blueberries can give you all the necessary nutrients that your body requires. We are in a state of mind that more is better, and this case that’s not the truth, so practice caution and be more mindful of the things that you consume!
However If you ARE taking vitamins, make sure that you do the research FIRST. Make sure the suppelments that you're taking are from a reputable source. Don't take some vitamins you bought at a local gas station or dollar store. Make sure you have good evidence that supports the reason you're taking the vitamins of choice! 



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