Are Supplements A Waste Of Time Or Worth The Money?

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Do supplements actually  work?

Yes and no.  

This is the question that just about everyone who works out has asked at one point in time or another. Now with 10 million products or more on the market, it’s hard to decipher the junk from the stuff that actually works.

Now depending on what your goals are, or what you’re trying to do, for instance, weight loss, muscle building and so on, it’s hard to figure out what and what not to buy.  It can be a hair pulling decision that can sometimes prove to be a costly one if we make the wrong decisions.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there way to many times….

When I was trying to  lose weight I bought a ton of different things, most of the things proved to be junk. Some of the things I purchased were said to be good, but I didn’t see any results.

Now why is this?

The first thing we have to understand about ANY SUPPLEMENT is this, they SUPPLEMENT YOUR EFFORTS. You can’t expect a pill or a shake to do everything for you.  Honestly the ones that make the bold claims that all you have to do is take or drink something and that’s it, no work needed are a full of crap.

When was the last time you heard of a taking something and not having to do anything at all to achieve results? Unless it was in a fairy tale it’s not reality and it’s just a clever marketing scheme that gets people who are desperate.

Once you understand that these things SUPPLEMENT YOUR EFFORT, you start to look at them differently. If you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight, the real area you need to focus on is in your eating and fitness habits. Are you eating right? Are you working out? Are you drinking enough water and getting enough rest? If you are doing these things and doing what you’re supposed to, but still aren’t seeing the results, then it’s time to look toward some products.

You must also remember that there are no short cuts, stop looking for products to help you get what you want in no time at all. Anything you do in life that’s worth while requires hard work, and that’s the plain and simple truth. So understand this next time you pick up a bottle of something and hope it helps you in no time at


Key things to remember…

1. Companies want your money!

With all the different products on the market, you have to be careful what you buy into and what kool aid you drink. The reason being is obvious, companies are trying to make money off of you. So they’re going to use all the clever marketing tactics, the colorful bottles, and crazy claims. So before you buy into something, do some research on it.

2. Just because a celebrity or doctor claims it works doesn’t mean it will.

If you’ve seen some of these commercials that have celebrities and so called doctors on endorsing their products, you know what I mean. I personally know people who have fallen victim to this type of marketing.  These are paid actors that will say anything to bring the company money, most of the time these people have never used or never plan on using the stuff they endorse.

3. Not everyone is made the same

Just because your friend gained 10 pounds in mass on one supplement, or Johnny 2 good lost 10 pounds with something else, doesn’t mean you will. Everyone is made different so certain supplements and things are going to work well with one person and my not work well with another. That’s just some food for thought for those of you who haven’t really thought of that.


Like I said before, if you’re eating right, working out, and doing what you need to be doing but still aren’t getting the desired results you want to be getting, then look towards supplements.  Do tons of research before you purchase something. Find out from people if something has worked for them, and make sure they aren’t’ lying to you. If someone said they lost 30 pounds but you know dang well they didn’t then that’s probably not the person you should be asking.

Check out YouTube for reviews, different sites, and find out at a local gym what works and what doesn’t. Usually the trainers at the gym or the staff will hear about things that have been working for people and will have a better idea what works.



Be careful asking at places that sell nutritional stuff, most of the time they’re going to point you in the direction that gives them the highest amount of commission, I know this because I had a few friends that worked in these places.

If you’re tight on money, try purchasing a sample pkg of something, or buy the smallest bottle or drink that you can get.  Many companies have trial sizes that give you just enough to see if you like the product before buying the actual size ones. This can save you some time and money, and also heartache because places won’t allow you to return the product.

At the end of the day remember to use COMMON SENSE. Now I know some of you rea looking at this and thinking, “ok, I’m already doing that”. But the problem is that sometimes our judgment gets clouded by the clever tactics that we neglect using our decisions making skills. So just be mindful and remember that some things do work, and others well…. You already know.

If you need help finding some things that can help you lose weight, gain mass, give you more energy, sign up for my email list. I have some things that helped me do all of the above that may or may not help you out.


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