An Effective Way To Utilize Visualization Techniques

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Awhile back I was introduced into a few forms of visualization, affirmation,and self-hypnosis techniques. After much trial and error, I came to the realization that this wasn’t as easy as people made it out to be. You’d think that simply visualizing something would be an easy thing to do, guess again!

So what went wrong?

After trying these techniques for a month or so without much success, I started doing some extensive research. I found that I wasn’t the only one having problems with these techniques. I was simply going about the whole process wrong. The problem is this, most of us use these techniques, but we really don’t “SEE” what we are trying to visualize. We tend to try to “reprogram” our brains without effectively seeing what we are trying to be or change.

If we can’t see something then how in the hell can we focus, or change something? Your right, you can’t do it. See our minds are so focused on how we got to where we are and why we are there. So when you’re using these technique’s subconsciously, we are focused on the how and why, instead of focusing on where you really want to be. When you have an internal conflict like that, you’re not going to get any results from your practices.

So what do we do?

The key is to get your brain to figure out how you got to where you want to go. Subconsciously you want yourself to think” how the hell did I get here, and why am I here”. That’s what you want, instead of focusing on your past. So this is where you have to vividly see where you are when you visualize, rather than just going about the exercise.

How do we do this?

Neuroscience tells us that the brain works in movies and small scenes. So if that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be efficient to create a small movie or scene when you do these techniques? Throughout my research, I have found that you have to have 3 main components to effectively create a scene.

1. your location– where are you at? Make it as memorable as possible, think back to a time that made you feel great, take that feeling use it in your visualization to create a new scene.
2. Main Character who is the main character in the scene, is it you? Or are you in 3rd person observing the scene?
3. what’s going on? What is happening in the scene, be as detailed as possible.

These are your pillars, your foundation to creating a successful visualization. By making the moment that’s “memorable”, you create a real and true memory. Instead of focusing on it being real, focus on making it memorable, it’s as simple as that.
This technique has been used since ancient times, and continues to be the foundation for a successful practice.


The key is to make it memorable, so you won’t ever forget what you are visualizing. If you focus on it being real too much, chances are you won’t ever remember what you were trying to visualize in the first place. The more memorable your scene is the more vivid your goals and dreams will become.

Paint the picture you want to paint, be as creative as possible. Run it like a small movie scene, and don’t be afraid to imagine anything that you want. Remember in this realm there is no cant, or impossible. Anything is possible and you are the master of your own domain.

An Example for those still lost:

First, what you want to do is focus on the location/scene, where is it taking place? Is it in the woods, or a beach, or a park, etc. After you have your location, then put yourself or the main character in the location. What are they doing, what is their purpose in this place? Lastly how is the scene affecting you, or whomever the main character is. Be sure to feel what they are feeling, or what you want to feel if your the main character.

I know before I said  too make it memorable and forget realistic, but what I meant by that is this. Your dream can be a cartoon, or on another planet. As long as it is MEMORABLE to you, that is what matters most. So you can feel the air, or smell the flowers, tastes food, feel money, or whatever. But be sure to make it animated and lively. There are no boundaries, because once you place boundaries, your focus becomes obscured and you won't take action.

If you make it realistic, as in a real life scene, you're going to be focusing too much on how “real” it should be. So let it be lively or animated, let the sun talk to you. Let the moon and stars dance with you. As long as it’s memorable, you will start to create the drive to excel you into going where you want to go!

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