What Are You Waiting For?

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What Are You Waiting For?

Success Only Comes To Those Who Work For It! 

I remember sitting in class back in college a decade ago thinking about my future. I was thinking about all of the things that I COULD do, but did I actually act upon them? Nope, most of the time I would think about something and that was as far as it went. Other times I would TRY to do things, see there's a difference between TRYING something and actually DOING something. The difference is when you TRY something, you just poke at it and see what it's all about, most of the time you end up quitting before you even start. 

Now DOING…. 

That's a whole different story, when you're ready and willing to DO something, you're going in head first and diving into the deep end. You're not thinking about the things around you that may or may not happen, you're motivated to get things done and get things moving. That's the difference between winners and those that don't try, see there aren't any losers, there's just those who do something and those who don't. 

So ask yourself this, what am I waiting for?

Check out this video by Motivation for Life and you'll see what I mean 

Video Source – Motivation For Life 

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