The Most IMPORTANT Question To Ask Yourself | Why Am I Working Out?

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You’d be surprised how many people don’t really know why they’re working out. They want to lose weight or gain some muscle, but most of the time their real reason isn’t a SOLID one.

Wait, before you go on here, Why is this even important?

Let me ask you this, have you ever felt PUSHED or PRESSURED into needing to lose weight? Or maybe you felt like you needed to lose weight in order to impress someone, or keep with someone or a certain group?



However this type of reason never really sticks, we simply jump on a plan with no real drive or motivation and never really get anywhere. We workout for a few weeks and then give up all together. The reason is painfully obvious, and this is why most of the New Year’s resolution gym newbies never stay at the gym for more than a month or 2 tops.

Most people HATE to work out, however there are a small group of us that love too. Maybe we didn’t at first, but now it has become an addiction in some ways.  


If you haven’t come to terms with why you’re working out, then you probably headed towards quitting sooner or later. Working out and everything else that accompanies it isn’t easy by any means at all. We get caught up in bad habits, eating bad, drinking the wrong things, not sleeping enough, etc. Then we adopt a fitness regimen and everything has to change, all of our habits have to change with it.

Resistance is a pain in the ass, and to break the hold it has on us is even harder to do. So when we attack it we have to know what we’re doing. The first thing we have to do is take a look at our bad habits, and what they are, and how we’re going to attack them.

Now while some people can let a bad habit go without any problem, most people can’t do it so easily. So the first thing we have to do is….


Write down all of the bad things that you do, eat, and so on.  Make sure you look at them and then write down something you would want to do in place of those habits. When we become AWARE of our problems, we then are able to tackle the problem in a different way.

We all know the harmful implications that cigarette smoking, bad foods, poor diet choices, and so on leads to, but we still do them anyways. Habits are a pain, but they stay with us even though we know the consequences of them.

The next thing you must do is….


Why am I working out, if it’s for someone else, you might as well quit before you even waste your time. Your why has to be something that hits home, a real reason that you want to stick with. It has to be the kind of statement that gives you goose bumps every time you say or think about it. If not then you may or may not last, chances are you won’t last, how do I know? Because I’ve been there!

Now I’m not going to go any further on this, but I will tell you this. Once you create your why and you figure out what is that you’re trying to do, others will take more seriously. You will begin to take yourself more seriously as well. 

This whole post may sound trivial, but honestly this is what helped me out when I finally decided enough was enough. I hated quitting and starting over, then quitting again and so on. The process became one of anguish and disgust. When I finally buckled down and did what I needed to do in order to lose the weight, only then was it that I really kicked in my fitness and weight loss into over drive.

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